Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here I Go...Under the Influence

I'm not sure posting a blog with me just taking Vicodin, is a real good idea. But, I just wanted to let everyone know how thankful I am for rooster heads. Actually, I think their whole body is very pretty, peacocks, and those funny New Guinea's Birds of Paradise, that really tap dance. I'm so grateful for God's creation of all birds, beautiful in so many ways. I never thought I would have my Doctor inject my knees with "Rooster Combs" (Synvisc). I had people tell me it was cadaver parts, so I waited until it was done to ask about it. Yep, it's rooster combs. Who thinks of this stuff?? It really works. Not with just the Vicodin, but I really, really and can tell a difference. If the three injections work and no knee replacement-I'm just so grateful! I think I'll go out today and pick-up my lone Rock Lobster, no Plymouth Rock Chicken, and give her a big smooch on her chicken lips. The lone old chicken, no name, just chicken, eats mice and attacks us. So, if you see me tomorrow with chicken bites all over my face...(That phase was hard to write, I could of said something really bizarre there) Anyway, just my thought of showing that I truly love chickens. Maybe I'll just hug her.


jenkinsfamliypost said...

i think you are turning into a chicken! you were pecking at the computer last time a saw you today!!!! lolrotf.
i am sure glad you are feeling better. just in time for
OUR drill Sargent to move here. i am afraid. love you mother. your post is cute.

The Knappy Crew said...

No I am not that tuff....I will just be exercising with you. You will be my first subjects.
BTW Mom you totally know who axe murder #1 is. Think hard and if you don't get it ask Marnie.
Dave wants to buy new chickens for you, and feed and take care of them too. What's up with that. He needs some wranglers and boots. My little farmer at heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog! We miss you guys heaps, but not the 118 degree weather!! ;-) Are you serious? I don't remember it ever getting that hot!! Crazy! By the weather you look beautiful!! I miss Kasea and Marnie! Do Kasea and Dustin still live in SP? Please tell them I said HI!! Kristen Kennerley