Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfect Anniversary Hideaway

Here's where we are! Isn't it beautiful? La Hacienda is just wonderful. There is supposed to be bunches of firemen here, but I only see one. Really, we have no fire-camp near us. Just some haze from the very distant fire and that actually has cooled the weather down. The place is empty as usual and is so quiet all you hear the the birds and there's deer everywhere. The place even serves us breakfast here. Wow! I've decided that Tressa (the ancient one) Tressa, I mean you're an old soul, not physically old--you know what that would turn me into? Tressa needs to come stay here. It would be like staying at Rancho Cumulos with cable, Internet, showers, and cowboy rustic rooms. This place is so me--I could just go out shooting coyotes. (Never mind, the base wouldn't like that.) OOPS! The commander just returned, glad we weren't wondering around in his residence, he now lives in the gold dome. But, there are 4 more tower rooms. Yay, I love this place. I wonder what's in the basement. Your dad said, "Pee Wee Herman's bicycle." Actually, we thought of that at the same time.

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

How fun! a post from you while you are on vacation. love it! have a wonderful time. we miss you already!