Monday, June 2, 2008

I did it. My Testimony

I bore my testimony. Not so strange, actually, except not one of my family members were there. Not one. I think Abby and Holly came later. I really felt weird, I looked around and couldn't find anyone, but I was comfortable and felt okay about it. The reason I mention it is that I haven't been alone, that is without my family at church, since 1972. I don't know why I bore my testimony. I found myself at the podium without remembering even walking up there. I wasn't taking any pain meds (thank you very much my children) I read a scripture and had a compass in my pocket and it reminded me of my scriptures being my compass. I know I said that because when I looked at the compass I gasped slightly because I thought it was pink or red and it surprised me to see it was bright yellow. Do you ever wonder if you made sense when you are up there? I sorta' floated up there and floated down, and I know I didn't speak long and wasn't nervous at all, not at all! What happened? No heart pounding decision, what?


jenkinsfamliypost said...

darn it i missed it! i love hearing your testimony. i love you!

The Knappy Crew said...

How did I miss your post. It has almost been a week. I guess this week "floated by" I don't really remember what the heck happened this week. I think I can relate. Sorry I missed your weird that you were all alone though. You are great for going,all alone, that is not easy.

Breeda said...

I love you Mom!!I miss going to church with you.

Tamster said...

Hey, Larin's mom! Susan, you are more than welcome here anytime! Thanks for commenting. Actually, my husband just recently put that locator thing on here, and I don't completely understand it yet.

I know David from Camarillo; we grew up together in the same ward there. So, needless to say, I'm quite familiar with Santa Paula and Ojai. That's a beautiful area; I'm sure you must enjoy it there. I miss CA sometimes. We're in TX now, which is a whole different world, but I like it here, too. It is funny how everywhere you go, you can find things that are good and bad, just depending on what you are looking for! Everywhere is different, but there is still good to be found!

Thanks again for stopping by, and come again anytime! :-)

(PS I actually left this comment on my blog in response to yours too, but I wasn't sure whether you do the whole check the box thing to have follow-up comments e-mailed to you or not like I do, so I thought I'd leave it here too so that you knew I'd seen your comment. Anyway, have a great day!)

Tamster said...

Sorry I just noticed that sounded funny when I said welcome here. I copied that from the comment I left on my blog, so on the comment here I should have said you are more than welcome at my blog anytime. Hopefully you knew what I meant. Anyway, thanks again. :-)