Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Not Sure This Is The Time For This Post.

Oh no, another horse was down. Night before last, Sonny was acting a bit weird. He was stuck under the heavy metal fence-not rolling; but he used to do that when he was a colt. Kiely called her vet office and the doctor came and thought he was all fixed. He was not drinking enough water and was very dehydrated.

We are having unusually hot temperatures here and horses everywhere are suffering from colic. My dear Steve found Sonny a bit wobbly this morning and took him to the vet for another "big" treatment this time. Steve caught it in time. My Kiely was already called in on her off-day for surgery on a big warm-blood with colic. All the stalls and corrals are full...all colic! I never thought I would be praying for poop.

This is so incredibly hard for me and I've cried all day. All my daughter's have been so supportive and my mother, who doesn't really like all the horses, she says, offered to pay for everything. Everyone in our family has been so good to us and we are scared. Marnie, even played mommy to Sonny this morning and honestly--I saw a tenderness that just brought tears.

I know Sonny isn't a person, but horses have been apart of my whole life. This is the point when I'm turning all of it over to the Lord. I just feel so sad. The picture of Kiely is on Sonny's "dred-locks". He's a Bashkir Curly and looks like a small Arabian, only fluffy. Waiting...

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

he was such a sweety this morning. i really enjoyed that. it has been a long time since i played the cowgirl part. i am glad i could help you. god will take good care of him and it will work out ok!