Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Are At the Beach, Mondos, Cove, Faria, Yay....too fun, fun, fun!

This was "by-far" the best experience at the beach house we have ever had. Relaxing, wonderful weather, and everyone sooooo happy--even though there's so many people here! Daily-it has been wonderful weather and no kid tried to pound another, even though all are so young. No bottles mix-uped, food all was wonderful, and the fishing...well as you can see from my photo it's all been sharks (not that particular one) and lots and lots of stingrays. All were catch and release, however, Matt, my nephew, removed the barbs from the rays, so the children wouldn't step on them later.

Kiely, Larin & Dave, Robert, Dave's brother and a close family friend, who served her mission here about 4 years ago, are this very moment surfing. Mothers never quit being mothers, so I'm worried about the scary sea life under the top of the water.

We didn't have the low tide or the grunion, but we had a wonderful FHE with our "Titles of Liberty" and lots of singing and little kids dancing to 'Seagulls flapping in the Ocean Beeze' (popcorn popping) and every song we could think of to sing. The game that was popular this year and scored lots of fun was a crazy 'Train' game for the adults.

Oh, the BEST was our family pictures taken by Whitebalance Photography and Ashley (the wonderful) Stalker and who is an amazing photographer! We bought the pictures but now we have to decide which ones! She caught the most fabulous shots of our family at the beach. Not all people in my family are cooperative. I didn't tell them to do that pose. Second picture above, is an example of the non-compliant family members! Of course, they have my DNA...

Little, our dog, was missing from the pictures--she was home guarding our house. She hates the beach and water and would have just been so sad in the pictures if she had seen the dead baby seal. Little doesn't get over such things and carries them in her heart.

The beach relaxes, somehow heals, romantic, nostalgic, and most of all a place where we can enjoy all year the amazing time we had. We'll talk forever..Do you remember when....rotflol. I can't wait to go again already and it's not over yet!


jenkinsfamliypost said...

lots and lots of family time and good memories. i am with you i am sad it's over and ready to go again.
love you mother feather

The Knappy Crew said...

love you mom.....the pictures are awesome. I love the title of liberty picture. I will have to post the family pictures on my site as well.

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

Cute pictures. Is that the shark that Matt caught? It looked a lot smaller in person.