Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, Okay, I've Figured Out Who I Am! Dory!

Bree, my daughter in Arkansas, called me...I hope I can get this straight...she asked about the horse because she read my blog. "Sonny is SICK again?" I told her no, I just forgot to mention that he got better. You know, the beach, fair, two of my other kids are moving back to Santa Paula from far away. (with their families lol) AND all their stuff.

Like normal, when I'm embarrassed, I experience a raging hot flash, from every pore. I was having one of those moments. Why didn't I remember to post that Sonny was better? I was just explaining to Bree about that, when I thought about the Savior bleeding from every pore--I knew that was possible---because I sure could actually feel every pore--even in my scalp. That led to the conversation, that the Savior wasn't a woman, but he had a pore experience (that wasn't at all intended to be a pun) Anyway, I told Bree that the Savior was raised probably in the city, and was a carpenter. How did he know sheep follow their Master? Or, How did he know goats don't follow anything but their own whimsy? Bree said,"I know a song about sheep going to heaven and goats going to H-E-double-toothpicks, by Cake." She told me she was going to post it on her blog. I was suppose to walk in my room and listen to her song that she would put on her playlist but...only for a short time--it has the word H-E-double-toothpicks in the song many times and she just wanted the song "off" as soon as possible. Soooooo.....

I got up from the phone and went into the kitchen and threw away a soda can in the recycle bin. Thought, "I'm hungry." And, while I was thinking about that, I saw this magazine. It was a gossip magazine. I never read those--just look at them in the market and if you ask my husband he will tell you I've only gone in Von's twice since the remodeled. Actually, I'm the only one in town that NEVER goes to the market.

Soooooo....this was fascinating, a gossip magazine. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Somebody we all know and is famous, (I don't KNOW this person, personally) is making the wrong choices. I needed to read that. I just found the page and Bree called, "Did you hear the song yet?" I'm taking it off. Busted! And I'm still hungry. I hurried as fast as my penguin body could take me and the song wouldn't download. So I heard maybe one H-E-L-L and turned it off. My grandchildren are near. Maybe I should go outside and ride around with them in the golf cart. I can tell they are having a good time. BTW... I'M NOT TAKING DRUGS!!! Get over it! I absolutely can talk or write about whatever the subject was for a little while. lymi

Now who did that remind you of...Dory or someone else? Yes, I know. Ha..Ha..Ha.. Shut-up!

Humphrey, Giacopuzzi & Associtates Equine Hospital. Colic and Horses. Why? My dad's horses never had any colic in the old days. Our Sweeties...

I've had some ask me how did I get over my other horse passing...AAAACCCCKKKKK!

He didn't die!

It took a week at the vet's office, but as usual, Dr. Mike and his crew, really were working hard and he is absolutely fine, as I write. Knock-on-wood! However again, the vet's office is full of very sick horses with colic. I never knew colic was such a problem. Kiely comes home day after day of sad stories of families loosing their dear best friends. Some die on the table during surgery, because it wasn't caught soon enough. Horses can have it hit them suddenly, like our Boogie. The doctors are completely devoted to saving each one, my daughter knows how hard they work to save the precious horses that come in.

The procedures that Kiely does as a tech are amazing...I'm proud of her and her ability to be able to hang IVs, test for white blood cells, or even take samples of blood from the jugular...I am in awe, really.

The doctors...I can't believe how much they go through to save a horse. The positions, the gut, the absolute stress of never giving up on each and every animal, and giving them your ALL, year after year. Dr. Mike, Dr. Richard, and Dr. Johnson and the other vets are completely amazing, wonderful vets. That's endurance! Kiely sees it constantly. Ask her if they are great...she'll fill your ear.

I wanted to let everyone know that Sonny is fine, it took a lot to get him back. I think because of our strange weather. Humidity and so much heat that all the horses don't drink enough water. I'm almost to the point of giving loose mineral salt, instead of a lick.

My dad, I suppose, knew exactly what to feed. He watched all the horses closely and probably the best thing is that he majored in "Feeds and Feeding" for livestock, at Cal Poly. The only time I can remember a mistake is when he fed dry barley, that he had grown (It was taller than I was in the field) and the barbs all got stuck in the horses lips, tongue, and cheeks. All the horses, and there were many, let us (the kids, my mom and dad & grandpa) pluck the barbs from them out of the inside of their mouth. Even the Morgan, that liked to bite the ears off of the cattle. She was a cutting horse that had a way out-of-control, compulsive disorder. She was in the Rose Parade. And she was old-style Morgan, and oh...if she could play with the cattle she was in heaven. We liked the cattle to have ears, so she had permanent time-out. I have A.D.D. Can you tell? Hey, there goes a bunny rabbit!....

The barbs from the barley never got infected. What made it to their tummies, got digested. Why do we have colic now? It's a big problem here. Is it the bad water? Was the water was bad, before? Yes. We live in exactly the same place, no sand. What am I doing wrong? Feed is off the ground, but still lower enough for the enzymes in their mouth to help digestion. Dad just threw hay down on the dirt--What the heck?

I hope Kiely takes some of those classes in college and she can teach me.

I love horses.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

They're Here.....

This is beginning to be like that movie, Poltergeist. I just heard little Dean say "They're Here" And my mind went back to the 80s. We are living in a house filled with fleas again. We've decided that they must be in the basement. Are we going down in the basement to see? Not I! The "bug guy" is going to have a fun time negotiating his way around down there. Hope he brings a strong light.

Things would be so different if we would just get a bit of really cold weather. I think I could start to deep clean the barn, the trailer, the basement (I would need help)

These rascals are everywhere--and the "bug guy" sprayed all around the house and in the house, except the basement. Can you just imagine if the fleas were as big as dogs?....ewwwwww...Or, bigger! We would have our own Cupracabras, only they would suck human blood. All of them..."War of the Worlds" or it sounds like a book I know, could it be Twilight? The fleas go into human-form at night.

I'm not on drugs or pesticides. I just am so itchy. Really, I don't think one is on me....maybe. I'm taking a bath. I'm freaking-myself-out! My husband just told me that "they" (the fleas) are just walking freckles, right...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Calling ALL Fleas! Free Room & Board--Snacks Avalilable

So we were gone to the beach house, then went to fair, and while we were gone, we had a home invasion.

Poor "Little", our dog, had her leg cut all around the top and the skin was slipping down. Yucky, huh? She immediately got a leg lift at the vet and we kept her indoors for a long while. Kiely and I were afraid to let her out at night...What did that? What's out there that chews dogs up? It was winter, no fleas.

Lately, the Flea Advantage medication didn't seem to work and she began living outside in jail at night (actually, the barn)

In the mean time, fleas were having a grand "flea circus" in our house. Three bombing sessions and still, in a day or so all are back tormenting us. Corbin, my grandson is at this moment telling us about a scary movie where fleas are coming out of this guys eyes. I'm going to have bad dreams Ewwwwwu!

Word just in....the assassin's are coming! Gotta' go get outta' here for a few hours...So party-on fleas your time is coming and you don't even know it--so in about an hour, I hope your flea circus begins and you all DIE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On a Much More Pleasant Note! Can You See A Bree In This Picture?

I didn't say BEE! It's amazing. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

My daughter Bree is the most amazing photographer and has been since the age of, I'm not exaggerating, three years old. She found our stash of a Kodak cardboard cameras and took pictures of everything that is "nature." Bree has more pictures in her box of rainbows, mountains, mountains with snow, sunrises and sunsets....

 Oh yep...clouds, moonscapes, and hundreds of flowers. Did I mention old-fashioned cars, too? Then, she doesn't have hardly any people pictures. Makes me crazy because I love to see more of her. That's why I love this flower. She is peeking out of it.

Bree has taken loads of pictures even movies of our Epiphyllum or Louisiana Cactus. The succulent is a tropical cactus that blooms suddenly and she has waited for a bloom to emerge for at the least three hours. It didn't take me long--about a minute to find a picture for this post. Hundreds.

Now, she is just still captivating all of us with her creativity in photography. It was her major in college and some of her biggest mistakes, were given the highest grades. I think her developing and equipment is still in a corner of the basement. (Our basement is very huge with almost no light)

Projects with People: Kiely as a mermaid in front of the Beach House at Faria.

The digital camera just brought more and more to her imagination and I know a Children's Book is emerging. I love her creations and fascinated with her finely-tuned eye for color and perspective. Yes, she is weird.

Uh! Too Much Milk, I guess?

Here are some important questions that you are asking in your head and I'm doing my ESP thing and answering them for you.

We'all (country slang) lived in the Taj Mahal of "Fair Land", but at fair,(Notice we call it "fair" not THE FAIR. As in "Going to--PROM" not THE PROM?) Back to fair---The regulars at fair, lol, always know what to expect in their living quarters. Yes, it's happened before. You know "POOP HAPPENS" Still, we were reminded to "be happy" with my sunflower and bees, large, garden flag. (see in lower picture) It says, "Bee Happy." And...we would all comply. That is one of the many "Bees" we need to be.

There is worse at the fair than the top picture...and I did manage to step "around" it, this time, in-stink-ably. Yes, we did clean ours up, but it wasn't even in the isle, or her pen, it was right smack dab where our chairs are located. Nice...

I don't believe that we've ever gone to a fair, and that is over 100 fairs, that we didn't have some sick animal. It was me last year. A broken rib. And yes, directly caused by fair and by falling in the feed bin and getting stuck on the edge. I shoot bullets in the feed bin--I don't care, it's rusty anyway.

County Fair

Oh, I forgot Kiely's, Jaxon's, and Buddy's pictures in the Newspaper...

County Fair

The Fair is NOT fair--and I'm Soooo'"Freaking" Over It!

Tired, very tired comes to mind when I think of the many years spent at the fair. Kiely had a great adviser this
year and Chris did so much. I didn't do anything but take tons of pictures and watch. Kiely and I were burnt-out last year. She wants the money from her steer's auction so that she'll have money for college and I know she wants to get-away and really become focused on her school work, so she can graduate.

The Steer Went To Food Share
Kiely's Steer Won Best Carcass. Ugh, TMI

I have a lot of regrets, but not going to the fair is not one of them. It is a strange showing and now that I think of it, a bit freaky and my title adjective fits perfectly. I watched the young parents and thought this is just like "Little League Parents"  I'm so happy I went this year, mainly to say good-bye and make sure it was all out of my system completely. There have been so many hard things to go through, so many sad memories, but a lot good came of this year's attempt to accomplish what we needed and that was to make Kiely's bank account fatter, and continue school. I was surprised she was in the county paper twice-weird that the editor didn't catch that. Her steer, Buddy, turned lazy (a blessing because he was Mister Kick-and-Run)

Kiely was anxious to get back to her job and I think was really ready to drop fair last year, but Kiely wanted to do the Junior Fair Board again and the board asked her to be president again. A good thing for the college essay she's be writing.

Dr. Mike was so kind. He put an add-on her auction check. She loves her job working with the Doctors and techs there at the Equine Center.

It was hot at fair, the food--Oh! Was horrible! We threw away all but the Udon noodle soup from the Buddhist Temple booth and I did eat the corn (not as good as the years past)

I hope my grandchildren do go to fair. I think it teaches a child so much. There are so many things. I could name so much good that my children had the advantage to be apart of. Junior Fair Board was fantastic for Larin and Kiely. The leadership opportunity and team are terrific. The judging and showing are wonderful for learning to show and being poised under pressure. There's all that studying beforehand, also. I think the greatest thing they learn there is sportsmanship and having and making friends, year after year. The only thing I want from my children is that they do better at fair each year. Then, I can say fair was successful. It was this year. But.... I'M OVER IT!! I also know there will never be a problem with ANY of my children knowing how to sweep.

I hate shaving goats!

County Fair


I'm always amazed how much fun we have when the girls get together, just as girls and visit. It isn't too often all of us are together. We did this gathering just before Bree had to go back home to Arkansas.

You know, I thought I had this great invention (for I don't know for what reason, I could NEVER make it) I found out it was made anciently and on eBay. What a revelation! Not a real revelation, just a surprise--how's that?

I don't think we ate too much pizza. Just talked and laughed until the place closed. It was so fun for me to be with my grown children and talk to them so differently. Even Kiely was there, no baby, no more and right in there as an adult, speaking her mind and joining in with all the laughs and inside jokes we have.

We took pictures of our hands together-never to separate. The fun pictures that we took of ourselves was: the funniest face we each could make. Well, they were funny! I promised not to post them, but will hide them somewhere. Very cute! I love my girls!