Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On a Much More Pleasant Note! Can You See A Bree In This Picture?

I didn't say BEE! It's amazing. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

My daughter Bree is the most amazing photographer and has been since the age of, I'm not exaggerating, three years old. She found our stash of a Kodak cardboard cameras and took pictures of everything that is "nature." Bree has more pictures in her box of rainbows, mountains, mountains with snow, sunrises and sunsets....

 Oh yep...clouds, moonscapes, and hundreds of flowers. Did I mention old-fashioned cars, too? Then, she doesn't have hardly any people pictures. Makes me crazy because I love to see more of her. That's why I love this flower. She is peeking out of it.

Bree has taken loads of pictures even movies of our Epiphyllum or Louisiana Cactus. The succulent is a tropical cactus that blooms suddenly and she has waited for a bloom to emerge for at the least three hours. It didn't take me long--about a minute to find a picture for this post. Hundreds.

Now, she is just still captivating all of us with her creativity in photography. It was her major in college and some of her biggest mistakes, were given the highest grades. I think her developing and equipment is still in a corner of the basement. (Our basement is very huge with almost no light)

Projects with People: Kiely as a mermaid in front of the Beach House at Faria.

The digital camera just brought more and more to her imagination and I know a Children's Book is emerging. I love her creations and fascinated with her finely-tuned eye for color and perspective. Yes, she is weird.

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