Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fair is NOT fair--and I'm Soooo'"Freaking" Over It!

Tired, very tired comes to mind when I think of the many years spent at the fair. Kiely had a great adviser this
year and Chris did so much. I didn't do anything but take tons of pictures and watch. Kiely and I were burnt-out last year. She wants the money from her steer's auction so that she'll have money for college and I know she wants to get-away and really become focused on her school work, so she can graduate.

The Steer Went To Food Share
Kiely's Steer Won Best Carcass. Ugh, TMI

I have a lot of regrets, but not going to the fair is not one of them. It is a strange showing and now that I think of it, a bit freaky and my title adjective fits perfectly. I watched the young parents and thought this is just like "Little League Parents"  I'm so happy I went this year, mainly to say good-bye and make sure it was all out of my system completely. There have been so many hard things to go through, so many sad memories, but a lot good came of this year's attempt to accomplish what we needed and that was to make Kiely's bank account fatter, and continue school. I was surprised she was in the county paper twice-weird that the editor didn't catch that. Her steer, Buddy, turned lazy (a blessing because he was Mister Kick-and-Run)

Kiely was anxious to get back to her job and I think was really ready to drop fair last year, but Kiely wanted to do the Junior Fair Board again and the board asked her to be president again. A good thing for the college essay she's be writing.

Dr. Mike was so kind. He put an add-on her auction check. She loves her job working with the Doctors and techs there at the Equine Center.

It was hot at fair, the food--Oh! Was horrible! We threw away all but the Udon noodle soup from the Buddhist Temple booth and I did eat the corn (not as good as the years past)

I hope my grandchildren do go to fair. I think it teaches a child so much. There are so many things. I could name so much good that my children had the advantage to be apart of. Junior Fair Board was fantastic for Larin and Kiely. The leadership opportunity and team are terrific. The judging and showing are wonderful for learning to show and being poised under pressure. There's all that studying beforehand, also. I think the greatest thing they learn there is sportsmanship and having and making friends, year after year. The only thing I want from my children is that they do better at fair each year. Then, I can say fair was successful. It was this year. But.... I'M OVER IT!! I also know there will never be a problem with ANY of my children knowing how to sweep.

I hate shaving goats!

County Fair

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