Tuesday, August 19, 2008

They're Here.....

This is beginning to be like that movie, Poltergeist. I just heard little Dean say "They're Here" And my mind went back to the 80s. We are living in a house filled with fleas again. We've decided that they must be in the basement. Are we going down in the basement to see? Not I! The "bug guy" is going to have a fun time negotiating his way around down there. Hope he brings a strong light.

Things would be so different if we would just get a bit of really cold weather. I think I could start to deep clean the barn, the trailer, the basement (I would need help)

These rascals are everywhere--and the "bug guy" sprayed all around the house and in the house, except the basement. Can you just imagine if the fleas were as big as dogs?....ewwwwww...Or, bigger! We would have our own Cupracabras, only they would suck human blood. All of them..."War of the Worlds" or it sounds like a book I know, could it be Twilight? The fleas go into human-form at night.

I'm not on drugs or pesticides. I just am so itchy. Really, I don't think one is on me....maybe. I'm taking a bath. I'm freaking-myself-out! My husband just told me that "they" (the fleas) are just walking freckles, right...

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