Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Uh! Too Much Milk, I guess?

Here are some important questions that you are asking in your head and I'm doing my ESP thing and answering them for you.

We'all (country slang) lived in the Taj Mahal of "Fair Land", but at fair,(Notice we call it "fair" not THE FAIR. As in "Going to--PROM" not THE PROM?) Back to fair---The regulars at fair, lol, always know what to expect in their living quarters. Yes, it's happened before. You know "POOP HAPPENS" Still, we were reminded to "be happy" with my sunflower and bees, large, garden flag. (see in lower picture) It says, "Bee Happy." And...we would all comply. That is one of the many "Bees" we need to be.

There is worse at the fair than the top picture...and I did manage to step "around" it, this time, in-stink-ably. Yes, we did clean ours up, but it wasn't even in the isle, or her pen, it was right smack dab where our chairs are located. Nice...

I don't believe that we've ever gone to a fair, and that is over 100 fairs, that we didn't have some sick animal. It was me last year. A broken rib. And yes, directly caused by fair and by falling in the feed bin and getting stuck on the edge. I shoot bullets in the feed bin--I don't care, it's rusty anyway.

County Fair

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