Sunday, September 28, 2008

Captain Lazenby Is Very Handsome.

Dustin, you look very handsome in your outfit! I mean uniform.

You know, now your dad has to get one. I like uniforms. Dad said,"I'm the oldest one on the department and the stripes will go half-way up my arm." "How's that gonna' to look?"

Quite a while ago, on one of Steve rescue calls, the guy came out of his stupor and said, "Dude, you're OLD!"

I know that Steve will not wear his as much as my son. He won't be buried in it. I hope he gets to go someplace like, "What? Like the White House?

Yes, in-deed-dee! Steve was invited to the White House for CERT, public service, but he'd had to pay his own way. Bummer. Steve's video is on the county public broadcast and people recognize him. Point their fingers and whisper. Some even ask him for his autograph and he really gets embarrassed. Poor celebs that get chased by the media. I'm so sorry for you. NOT.

Dustin be careful where you wear that. You'll have the girls chasing you. I'm proud of you and so is your Dad. He has you as his screensaver! Not only are you his favorite son. He loves you lots and lots.

My husband., So is the other one

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