Sunday, September 28, 2008

Church, Yesterday and Today

I loved the General Relief Society broadcast on Saturday evening and was riveted, I guess you could say to the speakers, especially President Uchtdorf. I felt he really spoke to me. One of the things he said was, "Those who bring sunshine to others, bring sunshine to ourselves." and paraphrasing his last words were...that we need to look for others to uplift, comfort, and provide service. I took lots of notes during the meeting.

Today, I was first after the bishop, to bear my testimony after an uncomfortable long pause. I thought, "I'm not going up there!" So, I just went there! I spoke how I WAS so overcome by my attendance at the Women's Conference and just a bit about it, I 'm sure I bore my testimony and that's really all I remember.

I felt a bit uncomfortable with myself today, from the time I woke-up. I had some thoughts on my mind about a book I was reading. I got up from sleep, late in the morning, from reading the book. It's hard to quit reading and I stayed up too late. I dressed hurriedly--actually feeling messy, even though I had on a new dress. Okay, my problem: It's Twilight, the book, and you know why. My daughters have all told me to read it and others--both ways, more of the series of Twilight books; and also more people have told me to read it. Not really hard to read, I just felt I wasn't really supposed to be reading anything other than non-fiction, especially on the subject that the book is about.

Makes sense? Not yet, but I'll pull this together.

The girls, my daughter's, want a night out when the movie comes out. They want a movie party with other friends. I've been feeling uneasy about the book and told my youngest daughter, Kiely about it. Kiely said just last night, "Mom, all you need is a bookmark, a list of the characters, and you'll be fine." She didn't understand.

After Sacrament Meeting and the testimonies, Brother Vaughn, he's the brother in the blue shirt, gave me a bookmark he made for me. He has been already following President Uchtdorf's counsel. I didn't have a bookmark, I didn't even know where there was a bookmark in my house, but this kind gesture immediately, I felt,'s okay to read non-fiction. He didn't attend the meeting. He was so in touch with the Spirit of losing himself in kindness. I don't have to feel bad or uneasy or unsettled. I watched the Transformers DVD and loved it. There isn't much difference.

Okay, now just after that, I'm wondering toward the door and foyer and "YOUNG" Sherman, who's a senior in high school told me I looked beautiful. I hugged him and then he said, " If you weren't taken, I would ask you to a dance." I was floored. Brother Vaughn just lost his wife recently and here he was giving a present he made with his own hands in answer to my prayers about the book and THEN dear, young Sherman tells me I'm beautiful. Both these Priesthood brethren were in touch with the Spirit to lift me, to teach me, to help me, just as President Uchtdorf had spoken about the night before. I'm changed.

My testimony grew today in many ways.

Some Things Come At You In Very Precious Ways

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

is it not amazing how the lord works. we never know what we will need and how we will get it.