Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do you know the DIFFERENCE in GOATHEADS?

Does anyone here know the difference? Do we check our shoes. I'm not talking about goat droppingS that look like "Cocoa puffs". I'm just warning all you that walk in and out of my house to check your shoes. Take them off at the door and look. If that funny looking sticker is in your shoes, please, I beg you with all my heart to not drag it on my large sisal rug in the kitchen to remove it.

Did you know I troll for goat heads? I don't mean to, but IT HAPPENS. Every goat head that comes in my house goes in my feet and they really so flippin' hurt! Our male, or buck, or billy or what ever, has never once hurt me as much as those STICKERS!! I hate them and the person responsible for bringing them on ranch is going to PAY! Oh dear, now that I remember....I had them on my shoes when I visited Sandy Carter on Grand Ave. in Fillmore. She was my best friend when I was about 11 or 12 and it was me....she had goat heads in her dad's orange orchards. I think I got in trouble for that already. I started one plant and then the "goat heads" exploded!

Okay, Okay, I got in trouble, I've repented, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of not checking my shoes. See how this can spoil your very own habitat? Please do not bring bugs, including; but not limited to, dogs with fleas, MICE or snakes speaking of snakes---yeeeeaaaahhh! See snake post!

Goat Heads for Dummies!

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