Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Soooo Confused? Is It Spring?

What is happening around here? The Sonny stallion just bred with our little burro, Maria, last night. Isn't that a spring thing? I guess it's good timing for a foal. I wonder if she will settle.

Then, the most unusual thing happened this afternoon. A young cowboy around here, saw that the burro has a bunch of hair missing at her neck. Kiely knew that the two (the burro and our Bashkir Curly stallion, must have bred. Okay, so that's not unusual, but they needed to take care of the wound, which of course was a bite. We have a Vampire Stallion lol Yes, he is!

The burro was lassoed and she Maria was extra sweet. We lifted her feet and all around was just begging for and wanting attention. When we got her from BLM, she tried to kick us with all four feet. Maria's front feet were the scariest. I never thought she would let a human touch her.

Now, it's either she loves all of us secretly because we give her treats or some "horse whisperer" has a way with equines. "Burro whisperer" doesn't sound as, well, I don't know. We should not be surprised by Kiely's way with horses, but I'm am very, impressed. Yee haw! Cowgirl, you just made a fan.

Okay, I'm going to stop writing now. This is just too much for one Sunday Evening and it's almost Monday.

Burros love Curlys, too


Sisters Produce said...

Oh yes Mr. Randy West! YEEEEhaaaaa.. He's amazing just like I told everyone. Now there is proof. "You freakin' rock, Randy."

jenkinsfamliypost said...

go randy, get us a mule!!!!!!