Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a Marathon at Disneyland

Running a real marathon just now, is just isn't in me. Watching all the babies isn't in me either, but I did it. That was my marathon. Everyone had fun and I have a new favorite attraction at Disneyland. It's in the California Adventure side. The name of it is Crush, and he's the turtle from the Finding Nemo movie. Weird animation that talked and answered personal questions. I have no clue how the Disney creators did this great production. I was pleased that Dory was mentioned and Crush asked everyone to forget that one part where he accidentally put on a bikini top. Crush was sooo embarrassed that he wanted everyone to be a Dory. No Problem...I'm there.

Kenna was hiding in a laundry basket. She did a good job. Steve relaxed after the jog. I did not put that pretzel in his mouth--blame...Larin or...Let's See....who would do that? MARNIE? I took this picture at the Grand California Hotel in California Adventure. We always stay on about the sixth floor and get to eat healthy at the concierge and all of us stay in a huge suite. I think Luana has stock in Disneyland. Thank you Luana for such a wonderful time. More and more of us are running and it's a wonderful tradition for Labor-day!

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

that was a mean joke on my resting dad. i am in for it huh?