Sunday, September 21, 2008

John Lennon An Icon?

Oh, this really hurts. I had to find this file on John Lennon, like a picture. I saved him in my scrapbook icon file. I just wanted to quote him, not make him my icon! One thing he said that was really smart was, paraphrasing here: "Life happens while you're making other plans." Just to let everyone know I was not a Beatles fan, ever and I never, ever liked English fashion of the 60's. I'm more the EMO type. j/k You know how crazy that is? I dressed like an EMO for Halloween. Oh, thank you for your thoughts. Yes, dressing like the 60's is a Halloween costume! So are COWGIRLS.

What was I saying?....All this crazy stuff that happens. You know, living from crisis to crisis isn't all my fault. There's this book...Quit Chasing Alligators and Get Out of the Swamp Whoa! I don't chase them, they hide under my window and constantly bite me. What will happen tomorrow? Will I run over a baby kitten? I killed the skateboard today with my FJ. Everyone please don't tell the grandchildren that I flattened it like an armadillo, okay?

So, in conclusion I just want to say. We all need to live each day and because we have lots of people around, pets around and weird animals around, there's bound to be just events that aren't planned. I always wanted my goal for the year to be "serene." Well, I've changed my goal. I need to be more "flexible" about everything. The goal will be done before my birthday and then I can start on "serene" and I will be already a flexible person that just flits though each day. I almost said the "f" word~~not the real bad one. The one my grandfather called a buck-snort.

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