Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gene Wellman Look What I Found

Look at my dad's wallet.
Oh, I just can't believe
that he had such a
beautiful leather carving
on it. I know either he made it or my grand- father, both of them tooled leather. My grandfather made saddles and chaps and it does look all hand-made. Even has a silk lining.

The interesting thing about the wallet is that it is of the oak leaves and acorns. I know he loved the trees here. He didn't name our ranch. Well, he called "Rock Ranch" but I added the "Rock 'n' Oaks" to it and now we even have our brand and logo with the ranch on my FJ and our horse trailer.

I also found something interesting. I know he didn't read really and especially as he got older. He just couldn't see that well with his diabetes. However, he still wanted to get around, hang-out, and drive his truck. My dad had his license still when he passed-away. I knew that he had to get it renewed about, I don't know, just a couple years before he died. It was a Commercial Truck License GVWR, which is for an 18 wheeler truck. How'd he manage that? I think the DMV gave him the wrong form or did he have it already and he just took the test? I'm going to ask him. But not tonight, or not planning on very soon. lol

Everyone tells me now I look like my mom, but when I was young, everyone in town knew me because I looked like my dad. My dad and I both share large foreheads. I used bangs to cover mine and as my dad got older he lost more hair. My son has the same hair-line as my dad. No comb-over for Dustin, he shaves it all off. I wish I had gotten his cute beauty mark on his cheek. It's not visible in the picture, but it was in his smile line. We both also shared big lips and clownie-eyes. Handsome dad, huh? Oh, that picture was on his wedding day. Geez, I look like a guy?

 Lots of things happen in a week around here

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