Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rattlesnakes And Their Relatives

Did you know our rattlesnakes have purple iridescent tongues? They look a lot like gopher snakes, but they usually sound like rushing water or a broken gas line. No, che,che,che. It isn't slow. They are so mad that the rattlers around here make just one big noise. I know sometimes they don't rattle and it's time for shedding. I hate snakes and I screamed so many times looking at it in that big barrel. It didn't help as I would look at it, someone would poke me.

I really tried to be nice to the King Snake. But, I just put on some cologne and it snapped at my face. It snapped, truly. I heard it's little mouth go "snap" really close to my neck. The kids still have the snake, it's name is Elvis and it eats mice. Yay! But it can NOT visit me. Dallin, quit kissing it, it makes me sick.

rotflol Did you know I found the snakes in my icon file next to John Lennon? And, the squished armadillo next to a chocolate cake icon. Don't ask me why I made that an icon. Nevermind, I guess I could tell you. It's Justice.

In passing, not passing away....the snake in the barrel went to another spot and was relocated by a Steve Erwin type-of-guy from Thousand Oaks. Thank you very much for the rescue.

I dilike rattlesnakes and mice ever mice more than rattlesnakes. I know I can't say hate, but they are not my favorite animals! Sigh....

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