Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Had This Get To Know You Party at the Church

What a crack-up! The party people were such duds--except these two and of course me. I got a lot of sweet pictures, but you can see in their minds "Quit taking these stupid pictures" and I didn't quit. Larin and Louise were used to it. Louise Spendlove is my buddy from way back. She and I had so much fun. We shared secrets...don't you want to know? Actually, I was out-of-control this time and Louise had to "rein me in". Well, if you want the truth, I'm an open book. I tell and hold nothing back, if it's about me...and then some. lol

I think this was a bit much for our ward to have this truly, get-to-know-you-thing. Mostly, I think, they don't have the Internet and they are not used to questions like, "What did you sing in the shower this morning?" Just Kidding. Really, people are not ready to share.

Our family arrived late because we were packing to go to Disneyland for the marathon, so when we arrived we just started acting crazy. I take a little of that back, Steve doesn't act crazy at church activities. He saved it all for Disneyland. Yay...
Santa Paula California Ward, WE LOVE TO PARTY!


Louise said...
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Louise said...

We did have fun that night. We should do it more often. Laughter is good for the soul. Thanks for putting me in your blog.

October 18, 2008 10:57 PM