Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Wonderful Seven....This Isn't Hard As It Seems, But...You May Not Want To Know The Details

Seven (I was tagged by Larin Luree, my daughter)
7+ Things I plan to do before I die (I already had a bucket list and I'm not changing to less) I doubled the list, cuz that's what I had in my planner
1. Ride horses
2. Drive our tractor
3. Go to another state on an airplane
4. Wear a bathing suit at the beach and not be self-conscious
5. Run and have my knees not hurt
6. New car Yay! done
7. Do my genealogy, never done, but I want to do more
8. Walk on the Islands just off our coast
9. Take a college course
10.Drive a horse, mule, donkey, or goat
11. Be able to shear our sheep
12. Cowboy Boots Yay! done
13. Go shopping to my favorite store
14. Play a sport! Mexican Train and Fishing are NOT real sports, neither is GOLF (I won't say what my doctor told me it was)
15. Roller Skate and yes, Marnie, ride a bike was on the list, but I got a bike for my birthday, so I took it off my list. I should have put it back on, after I hurt my knees. Yes, people YOU CAN FORGET HOW TO RIDE A BIKE! I love it that my dear Larin and dear Marnie, and are trying to teach me like I'm five years old. I don't think they are laughing. No sarcasm! I do mean it!
16. And here's the last, but if I do all these things--I'm definitely adding more. I'm going to hike to Ferndale

7 things I do now
1. Web sites
2. Read exciting, scary stories. Getting ready for the "Girls Night Out!"
3. Babysit and I love it!
4. Learning about my new camera and new phone and my new MP3. BORING!
5. Playing with my grandchildren & teaching them the important things in life. WONDERFUL!
6. Talking to Kiely about friends, boyfriends, and what she is excited about in her life
7. Helping my family accomplish their goals

7 things I can't do
1. Ride roller coasters (inner fear I have always had, same as Larin. I'm sorry I passed that on)
2. Drive long distance or touch a mouse, or snake, or Cenipede, oh and heights--that's really it!
3. There's a lot I can't do-run, lift, repair fences, saddle the horse, and not lift my grandchildren : (
4. Eat Right
5. I sneeze really loud and hiccup really loud and can't stop doing that. Can't add burp to that list, I do that on purpose.
6. Garden like I used to
7. Do the splits (Larin, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to do any other thing, because it would kill me)

7 things that attract me to my husband
1. The look (and more)
2. Secret messages
3. Putting his warm hand on my shoulder at night
4. Never quits
5. Always says good about everyone
6. Steve is humble, he is so much more than he believes (Larin, you can go there! lol)
7. He has the best sense of humor, forgets my sins quickly, if there's a problem-he's "Over It"

7 things that I say most often
1. I love you
2. Get me a pop
3. NO...KIDDING!!!?
4. What?!!!! I love this one! I do say it a lot, too. Like I heard it, right?
5. Crap! And, I've got to repent
6. I say "Sorry" even when it's not my fault--I have this unusual guilty feeling
7. No! And no explanation here--because it applies to everything
BTW, I do like the saying "Geez, Banana! Shut your freakin' Gob! .... Okay?" I laugh hard every time single time I hear it.

7 celebrities that I admire
-admire is a strong word- not meant for celebs
1. Condoleezza Rice (I guess she's not a "celeb"; but I really, really admire her)
2. Larry "the cable guy" I love his look and he is a known vampire. You know, Mossy Oak is my favorite color.
3. Hwell Howser was on my list, because he looks like my husband, but that's all.
4. Meg Ryan because she shows her inner-child
5. Bill Engvall (just like Larin) but he's also a shape-shifter and that's actually funny
6. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Hopalong Cassidy, and Andy Devine
7. Last, but not least, John Wayne
I don't like any clowns and talking dolls

7 favorite foods
1. String cheese, only because it makes my stomach feel better
2. Monster Roll with fresh-water eel Dynamite Sauce and the ice cream that goes with it, after.
3. Tri tip. You Easterners don't know what you're missing!
4. lol Thanksgiving and that little piece of turkey underneath
5. Lime chips when I'm car-sick
6. Mash Potatoes-Real potatoes, not the ones in the box. Real milk, real, ok, real Smart Balance, (off the butter) and a little salt and pepper. Even w/o salt and pepper. Whoa, I'm too into this!
7. Favorite candy, is Planter's Peanut Bar, not the goouy one, the toffee-type one

7 people who need to do this
1. Kiely
2. Bree
3. Marnie? Haven't you done this yet???
4. Larin
5. My Steve
6. Dustin (that would be great, "Light 'em up!")
7. My mom

TMI? I tried to restrain myself.


Sisters Produce said...

Geez banana......lol I love it good job!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

yes mother i have done this. check it out. i love the "Geez Mynana (jaxon) shut your freakin gob" too, but i can never remember it. ha
good list of things to do. i thought that ride a bike again should have been on there and have done next to it.
love you!