Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm The One With The Happy Bird Head On. I Kept Running Into The Wall, So I Sat Down

These next few months will be East Wind some call "The Santa Anas" but we're far from there. So, in Spanish, they are "El Solano" That is the name of our high school yearbook and for years, I thought everyone's yearbook was called "El Solano." Lol

New school clothes were always on sale because this is really the hot season.

Larin said she always loved the East Wind until she gets the sniffles from all the plants from here to Utah.

The wind just reminds me of the start of school and being nervous with all my new classes. The two books are ‘our’ El Solanos. Kiely's (she's the cover girl "Jane" not "Joe" Cardinal, as the mascot) and then the yearbook of mine.

The term is just for Santa Paula because it came from a certain southern region in Spain. Actually, it's a south-easterly wind and that’s what happens here, the wind blows up the canyon, swirling toward the north. But, it comes from the north-east desert. I think it just cuts up the Santa Paula Creek area and it is exactly a south-easterly. I don't think that applies to many other places. Spain does have a slope called the El Solano. A Mexican Fort was located at Ojai Rd. and 10th Street during the Mexican American War. Makes sense that someone would think that the winds come from the south-east.

Fires start all over and it seems that happens every season. The firefighters look forward to the overtime and the wives and husbands worry, when "their" firefighter goes out on a Strike Team. I don't think the overtime is worth it, but if they didn't receive overtime, all of us wouldn't make it living in California.

Strike Team Time It's almost a reunion/camping/slumber party for the firefighters. I do know it's hard work and really terrible in our mountains, well anywhere. It's so scary. Doesn't that picture of the Ranch Incident in Upper Ojai look like a "Beast?" There are horns, eyes, nose, teeth, mouth,cheeks, fangs, a beard, arm....Oh! The flame is HUGE!! That is an Art Bell picture and one fireman on the strike team with my husband, took that picture with just an Instamatic Camera. I've heard it called the "Devil Wind" so there you go. A big Devil.

A wind storm takes anything that isn't tied-down and whatever it takes it goes far away. I always worry about our Oak Trees breaking. The fire alarms in the house keep getting set off....well, actually all over town. Dust is—well, our personal homestead could be called a dust-bowl. Fur-sure!

The East Winds Are Blowing Again...Fall Is Here

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

santa ana's........ i always wish that we will not have them. i think would it not be great if we skip the whole season?