Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lions, Coyotes, and Bears, Oh My

I really don't want to go to the "dream place" because NOBODY wants to hear another person's dream. I'm going there, sorry.Something weird happened and I figured it out. I usually dream about really, really crazy things like the Harvest Festival at Mupu School that has booths made out of neon, pink plastic. The stuff blow-up bunnies are at Easter time. I was concerned a thumbtack might spoil the fun. Or...driving in a lot with one door open and no brakes and laughing like I was a teenager. Or...looking at a bird at my window and it was just like Snow White's little birds in the animated feature I saw many years ago. So boring and very pleasant. Weird, but pleasant. But not so in our oak grove.

My dream on Friday morning was that I saw the lion on a limb, near the west of the Jurassic Park and close to the drooping fence. The lion was tired and resting there. It matched the yellowed grasses and blended in the mottled shade of the oak trees

Why did I dream that? I didn't realize it was Larin's birthday. I thought it was Saturday and why do I mention that? A lioness and her cubs came for a visit to our house exactly twenty years ago in the early morning. We all saw it as we were putting up a new swing-set for her birthday. Steve's dad, Steve, Dustin and I were all there. Dustin was the one who first spotted it. The lion was in the same field, but right next to the goat pen and in front of my dad's bright blue boat. The lion would never been seen in the grass if it wasn't for the boat. It blended so well. I remember the smell that day, it was fall.

Little Kenna, my grand daughter went for a walk through all the fields on Thursday, also. It's about, I don't know...4+ acres to our neighbors. Jurassic Park on one side and the Forbidden Forest on the other. (Oaks trees there too, also poison oak) But she went through the big fields of yellowed grass and was lost for almost an hour, while everyone tried to find her.

It is the time the mountain lions start their migration. I did mention to my husband that it seemed like fall. The sky was getting ready for a warm rain and the heavy scent of sagebrush was overwhelming.

I think, all together, I was somewhere thinking about the lion, 20 years ago. We should really should have named this place "Danger Ranch" instead of Rock 'n' Oaks.

There are loud donkeys here now, but it doesn't seem to scare the coyotes and an occasional bear passing through. I can't quit thinking about it because I am in awe that my mind filed that bit of information and brought it out, like a computer file for October 3, 1988. And...I thought Friday was the 2nd--that Larin's birthday was Saturday, not Friday.

The Amazing Mind of MineNote to self: The mind remembers all things even if we think we've lost it. lol

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The Knappy Crew said...

Not fun.....very scary. I don't remember getting a swing set. I am sure I loved it. Heck I was only 7 right.