Thursday, October 30, 2008

Me Uglee, Really Ready For Halloween

Just when you think you are looking better, a little girl in the Doctor's office saw me, eyes big as dollars, and ran screaming and crying to her mother. The CNA nurse told me I must be allergic to the medication. When the Dr. came in, he said, "Nice! All you need is a hatchet and your all ready for Halloween." My grandson, for the first time, had a nightmare last night. He dreamed that I was a Zombie and chasing him around the house. I'm glad he went to school before I came out of my room, today.... Could it get worse? It does, and will.

I could start a remix:
"My lips, My lips.....wha' gonna' do with all tha' space inside your face?"

I'm answering questions about, " Did Steve ask you to shut-up and you thought he said, stand-up?" No, I got in a fight with a ________ just fill in anything that can mess you up. Woverine comes to mind..and it won.

Before anyone says that I'm ungrateful and writes me a pity-party post. I'm honestly grateful and tell my Heavenly Father constantly, how blessed I am to have caught the Cancer before it got worse. So just know--when you think you are having a bad hair day. Hmmm. I wish I had that problem. Please use SPF 50 always and protect your children to avoid getting any sunburn. Stay out of the sun if you're not protected.

Yay, Jaxon! Instead of "Gramma" he growled at me.
I have deja vu of Poison Oak.

I'm thinking, maybe I WILL go to the Halloween "Trunk or Treat" Party at the Church, but I worry that the kids will be crying to their folks on Sunday, "That woman GOT to wear her costume, to Church!"

I just did a search on Google Images to find a face like mine, but not mine. Guess what? None as "good" as mine are there. 50 searches. I think I'll go soak my face.
HEY  YOU  GUYS.......


The Knappy Crew said...

Mother you are always so pretty. Just think that after this you will have a new fresh start and a clean slate. Didn't you say that the Dr. said it was like a mini face lift. People that have face lifts look really bad after surgery, way worse. You got it for waaaayyy cheaper and you wont look freaky afterwords like others sometimes do even after they

Susan said...

My dear, dear, child....yes, I'm so happy. I can't help and think, "What if my face freezes this way?" No, the big issue here... Will this get all of the "stuff" ???? Geezzz, banana! I can't even say the, you know, stuff!