Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Who's Surprised? Take Personality Test Online

Do you take personality tests online or email, just to see who you really are? When I was in high school and "Seventeen Magazine" was about the only magazine that was popular. I always took the quizzes and okay...so the stuff they say about you is right, because it fits everyone. Just like horoscopes. I used to save those....a whole years worth of our weekly papers ("if this is your birthday today....") of course, it wasn't ever my birthday, but they all went along with me. I could really go for what was said, even about someone else.

http://twilightersanonymous.com/ (the test)

I'm not Bella! I took that the test from the movie "Twilight" over and over, changed all the answers, and still, I came out Bella. Is it how you type...fast or slow? How many mistakes? Actually, I'm not any of the characters, well, maybe Irina, because that character jumps to conclusions and I do that frequently. But, Irina was not an option.

So my friend sends me a DNA personality test, can this be REAL? Pick flashing pictures and your answers are in a little book. lol That's me, an open book. And there's a narrative. Just make-up your own, to go with the pictures, any will do....if they are angelic.

Look at the pictures? OOPS! I had to use my own because all their little pictures were just not me. Oh, my favorite drink is not on there. What would I like? None of the above. Do I look like I like bars? Maybe one bar and it's a restaurant, but the restaurant has a lounge (kids can go in)...but it's only to see my friend sing and I don't stay long and I don't DRINK! True guys!

So, now I ask you....This has been the most time consuming blog I've ever done and I can't get those pictures in the right order of importance. Can you see me? The real me?

Make-up your own mind about me, it doesn't matter. I can't get these in order, but I wanted the Savior to be first, and then our family, and the temple and so on. So...a picture is worth a thousand words, here's thousands.

Try the road sign. Confused yet? So am I.

Do you see Scoots, my favorite friend from 5 years old until high school? My dear, one-eyed, Cocker Spaniel. He's waving at the camera.

You Can't Figure Me Out---I Can't Figure Me Out . lol

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

i also love how the horoscopes always seem like they fit me too. i have given up on them. i don't think i am a bella either. can't wait to see the movie.