Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Viewer Discretion Advised, Very Scary!

I'm really trying to get myself past some fears or phobias. The mice weren't available on this day. The snake, named Elvis, just ate them. I was concerned that the snake just might leave some drippings or droppings on my face. Actually, I had a hot flash and the Elvis decided to sleep on my face, that's why I'm laughing. TAKE IT OFF!!

Now, the spider is a whole different story, do NOT do this at home. Since this incident, I found out from a very reliable source (the Internet) these big spiders can bite. This one is very tame, but the hair...Oh no, can shed and they are barbed! A very dangerous thing can happen to your eyes and the spiders shed their hairs often... this spider doesn't really know me. The spider hairs can get in your eyes, even from your hands. So, wash your hands and don't let big hairy spiders walk on your face. Actually, to tell the truth, the spider was so soft walking on me, it felt like a tiny kitten without the claws. It really liked my hair. Is that creepy or what? It looked a an ornament. I decided to spare you the picture. BTW-- The spider lives comfortably in a large spider cage, but loves snuggle in a toilet paper tube. Now, EVERY TIME I put a new roll on the dispenser--I can't help but look inside the roll. You just never know what might be lurking inside, waiting to spring out. Oh, I'm just freakin' myself out....ewwwww

These are just some weird things I do to keep my whole family entertained. I'm not going the "Jackass" route anymore. I AM going to hold a white mouse, maybe with gloves on.
Halloween IS Just Starting

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Sisters Produce said...

Mother, you never stop amazing me. You are so brave.