Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wouldn't You Know It? Another Call To My House--From The Fire Department

I'm such a door knob, or is the saying, "Dumb As A Door knob", hmmm, but both are true. Tuesday morning Steve left for work early and let me sleep in just a bit. I'd been up all night, well, until early in the morning for Kiely the "night owl" to drive her body home.

I got up to take my regular morning heart pills-same o' thing everyday, and the door knob was off. That wouldn't usually mean anything, but the door knob was on the other side of the door, meaning it was completely shut. The knob had fallen apart in the middle of the night and I sat it on the the hallway, for Steve to fix. I was, I guess, a way too bit mad at Kiely for keeping me up so long. I may have yanked on the knob harder than usual. But that's NOT a confession. It's one of those century old glass ones that never pull out, until now.

No problemo, I went to the bathroom door and...LOVELY! The door was locked from the other side. That was my only way to escape, the bathroom has another door to the hallway. I couldn't open the window with the air conditioning-motor-thingy, there. Other window...Dang! It's a long ways down. Nice. I painted it shut.

So, I turned on the air conditioning-I needed it by this time. And tried to read, but, I got to that point I HAD to get outta' here! I called my daughters who were marathon-type running in Ventura about 22 miles east, and next to the ocean. I got Kiely's answering machine, "I'm partying right now (blasting music) call me back later." I think I had a real bad, hot-flash and then called again. Regular answering machine--not the party one. She still didn't answer. I waited, I paced, I danced-sorta'. Now, I'm mad at everyone. Not calling Steve, at work. My mom and Marnie that both live next door are gone.

Kiely finally calls me from the mall and I asked her if she could spring me. I was locked in the bedroom. She laid down at the mall and choked herself laughing and couldn't talk. This is rotflol. I heard snorts, yelling, commotion. I hung up. She did manage to tell me later, that the party answer recording that I heard wasn't hers. Sooo, I left some random girl a very weird message and the great thing is...I have caller ID. She probably knows me or Kiely, for sure. Small town.

My husband then just happened to call a few minutes later, from the fire station and said, "What's up?" Dang, busted. I wasn't going to tell him, but he already knew. He was bringing the crew in the fire truck to rescue me, again. More calls to this house than any other in Santa Paula and that's not a joke! It is a true fact, if you would like to read the records. Lovely! I was in my PJs. Hello. "Great Response Time!"

I did look at our door knob today with different eyes, man, if I only get a diamond that big for my birthday. Just a passing thought, yes...I'd sell it.

We found another kitten. Actually, Kiely found it outside all alone while she was riding her horse. It was in one of the corrals crying so hard and all alone. The mom must have moved them and forgot this one. Or moved the others and left this one. I don't know. It was so hot outside still, we brought it in and it really drinks the replacer (you know your a farmer when your own children go on replacer and not formula) I get told often that you are either a "cat" person or a "dog" person. Well, I'm weird, I love both and praying the little kitten makes it. It screams loud when it's hungry and sleeps a lot, so we are hopeful. That mother cat has completely flipped or is she inbred?

Mother's Genes Are Missing, What The Cat Or Me?


jenkinsfamliypost said...

this was a "substantial" problemo. good thing you did not need to use the bathroom.

Susan said...

i did, that's why i was busting out in dance moves! mom

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

I'm not sure what is locked in the bedroom or Kiely cracking up laughing at you locked in the bedroom.