Monday, October 27, 2008

A Zit Is A White Horse.

Dangit, I look like I've been rode hard, an' put up wet!!
Health issues are sooooo boring. Like telling someone about your dream last night.

I had a very good reason for not going to Church yesterday. My face looks like old man Dickenson hit me in the face with a double-barrel shotgun load of Morton's rock salt!

It's not zits, I wish! Or, not poison oak, I wish! It's the "Big C" and I'm killing it with this freakin' lotion that I can't cover with make-up.

First, the Doctor asked me if I was doing anything in the next few weeks. He told me my skin would be all new again, like a baby's. I thought it was Retin-A stuff. Not! No sunburned skin. I HAVE swollen eyes, swollen lips (the lips, they don't need to be bigger, thank you) and huge hive-like, blisters, all over my face. And PICK! Each one, hurts. Yes, your face is killing me and.... Yes, I am grateful they aren't Frankenstein stitches or worse, radiation and chemo. But, it has become this joke. It is as if, "na, na, nana, na!" Directly to me. Imagine, 6 children and how many others, think this is funny. I should have loved each zit they ever had and took pictures, gave them ice-packs or what do you use for acne? Oh, yeah, heat?

I never had an acne break-out in my life, ever. Those genes are not in my side of the family, so I've never ever gave any sympathy to those who have zits. Actually, I never noticed it on anyone, until I had teenagers of my own that pointed them out and completely freaked-out about them. I feel their pain.

The word "ZIT" is a word I learned from my uncle Dan. I was about 8 or 9 and we were bored on a trip to Colorado to see our relatives. So, to pass the time, and help me get over car sickness...All of us...(7 under my age, in a '57 Ford station wagon with three adults, and no air-conditioning and plastic wrapped seats) We, got a dime for every "Zit" we could find. A zit was a white horse! I remember my aunt Barbara and my mom giggling half the way on our trip.

A "zit" became our trip game for everywhere we went, from then on. I loved getting money and it was fun smacking my siblings when they cheated with a Palomino.

Honestly, I didn't know what a "Zit" was, until I was married and I said, "Steve, there's a zit!" Okay, so NOW, I'm "Zit-face" and it doesn't mean "horse." The bumps are big as hives and are each blisters. Oh Job! How I sympathize with your boils all over you. I'm better today--my face was very swollen yesterday, and today....I have a butt-load, sorry...face load...of wrinkles. Yep, new skin, just like a "baby's behind." No wonder the doctor asked me if I had anything going on. Bad mood, yes. But...I am grateful for my dear doctor who really looks after me. Thank you, Dr. Gary Wikholm. I do appreciate all you do for us. Really. All of this is minor to what it could be. I am at this place called, "empathy."
Ugly on the outside and the inside


Breeda said...

I love you Mom! On Saturday we drove north to Lake Fort Smith...the trees are bursting with color. Nice Drive. Anyway, I saw in Mountainburg... Pop. 600 (reminds me of Piru...just below a dam...only BEAUTIFUL and green) Well, I saw some horses. One was brown and the other was a "Zit". I thought it....I may have said it...I wanted a picture of it. Funny that you blogged about it. LYMI!

The Knappy Crew said...

.10 cents for every "zit". I could have been rich had you paid me every time I pointed out that Misty was a "zit" I hope your face feels better soon. ( :

Sisters Produce said...

Mother I am sorry that your skin is "renewing" it self in such a not so nice way. I am glad that you are taking care of the bad "C"! Get it good mommy.
Love you

annie valentine said...

You promise pictures in the heading and all I see is a white horse. Come on, don't you want to immortalize this experience on your world wide blog forever?

Thanks for swinging by, you're fun.