Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bush Woman Camping In Our Backyard

I didn't want to take a picture of her. She was so dirty. I did "sick" my mother on her. She was a police officer for years and can REALLY "dish-it-out" The homeless lady had been there quite a while. Our Little dog has been barking at the bushes and trees endlessly. Oh, my gosh, what a mess the homeless woman made with her "campsite". We called the police, but my mom did the interrogation (she's an expert at that, she raised me)

Now, understand my mother and my son-in-law were ready to just flip-out, but compassion slipped-in. The woman was so overwhelmed with my family's kindness toward her, that she wanted my mom to take care of her and let her live there in my mom's house. Sad. My family made her feel like she was getting help and I hope the officers do find a place for her.

She's got a name and a place to live, but her husband kicked her out, probably because of her mental illness. She is very mentally ill and taking either drugs or she just doesn't have the right medicine. How unfortunate that she was living in the trees. It rained more than an inch the night before. The lady probably was so cold. I feel so bad, she definitely was not doing well here and needed medication and professional help. She had stolen things from all the neighbors. I didn't ask about our place. I guess if I didn't miss it and she needed it, it's hers. I'm glad I didn't go out to find her...I would have frightened her to pieces with my scary, swollen and melting face. I blogged about that a week or so ago and I still have to be continuing this for a few more days. The treatment thing....that makes me look this way.

My mother is so kind and so is my son-in-law. I learned a lot. I was clearly mad at the intrusion, the blatant set-up in our place--like it was her own homestead. I am repenting and I'm very thankful it wasn't a huge wild animal or a mean man. I also love our dog. We need to listen to her more."Little" The Wonder Dog & The Forbidden Forest Hides Secrets


jenkinsfamliypost said...

yeah that was quite the intrusion. i am still a little freaked out about that fact that "someone" was living in our yard. yikes. keep the kids in. we love Little.

The Knappy Crew said...

Danger Ranch, that's where we live. What an exciting night.