Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fires, Protests, Heat, The Flu--It WAS The Perfect Day

Stop it, or your face might just freeze that way.

Larin! Did you comb your hair with a firecracker? I shouldn't talk my hair looks like a "Prairie Chicken" tonight.

Sorry Larin, I know you had a bad day, well both of you guys, Kiely, too, had the flu. Sorry. I really wish Larin had been better and could have given her talk at Adree's baptism. I gave the talk because I thought it would be just our family. Yeah, alright, I can do that, it's just us...Adree is loved and the room was full, and I was really wasn't self-conscious of my melting face. But, I felt honored and I felt blessed with the Spirit. I felt comfort, unusual calm, and great joy at my grand-daughter's baptism and confirmation.

Adree Ann
I'm so glad I got this cute picture of her playing the guitar. I was relieved that my son, a fire captain, was with us and he conducted the baptism. He's so good, just like his dad. And...I was so glad Steve, my dear husband, was able to give the other talk, even though he was on duty. My heart is full.

Kiely gave me a ride to the fire station to pick-up Steve's fire station chili he had made for the family luncheon and out-of-the-blue, Steve was released and cleared to come home and celebrate with us.

Really and truly everyday is a milestone and event in our lives.

Randy, Kiely's side-kick, was doing me a favor in the late afternoon and moving Sonny, our stallion, to the other donkey pen and just for fun, he broke him. Not like "in hurt him," he just has this way with horses and rode the stallion all around with just a halter and a rope. Sonny is normally an"out-of-control" wild pill. What happened? Everyone that had come to the luncheon were literally, standing in amazement at the window watching. We didn't even realize it was the same naughty horse. Randy said Sonny just wants some attention and love. Well, it worked.

Adree received a new Labrador, named Foxy, as a birthday present.

My husband watched a Get Smart movie tonight on DVD. A whole movie, watched for the first time in months and months with his other grandsons.

Today, I had so much fun talking to my sister and I feel so close to her. My sister even lives in town, not like she is far, far away.

With everything--there was a great spirit of closeness today with our family and close friends.

I wish Steve would have asked me, "Susan, was this a good day or a bad day?" "Just answer the question." His famous line to all of us. Yes, today was filled with love, appreciation, joy, and of surprise about the horse. But, really a gentle surprise about how I feel this evening. Me, giving a talk? A talk on the Holy Spirit, and a talk that I didn't even have time to read over or even think about beforehand. I feel wonderful and blessed by being able to do so.

I do feel thankful everyday. Break-out the turkey decorations

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

Oh mother! Thanks so much for coming to the baptism even with your melting face. You look amazingly better. It is amazing what a week can do. You did great on the talk. I was so glad that you stayed for the party as well. You are awesome. I love you.