Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Well, with my dad just below, I couldn't help but think of Thanksgivings past. Until I joined the Church in 1970 we never said, that I can remember, prayer before our dinner. We always did at events like Rotary and the fire station; but the thing we waited for at home at Thanksgiving was my dad to sit at the head of the table and say, "Pass Ever'thang!" Sooooo the first year, 1970, I said the prayer and then, my new husband the next. But still there was the old tradition--we would say prayer then look at my dad. He would grin clear across his face and announce, "Pass Ever'thang!" Only then we could dive-in. We were able to have prayer together for 30 years and then laugh at his announcement. It doesn't seem funny writing it. But, believe me, it was sooooo old and so funny--all of us couldn't wait, actually anticipating it. My children, except baby Kiely, were able to say prayer with him, even my mom (she's says prayer, just like us, only not baptized, yet) She even tells the missionaries she's a member and then they corner me and ask why isn't your mom on the rolls of the Church?

I'm blessed my husband gave my mom a ride out to my Aunt Diana's today. I stayed home still fussing with a cold, and face mess. But....really nothin'. I just don't want to pass on the cold. This whole day I've felt so thankful and so very blessed. Even with my Bree and family in Arkansas--I feel they're all around me. So dad, yee-aaah, Wha-hoo! "Pass Ever'thang!" A time for reflection...Old Times


Natalie said...

What a great thing to remember!

Sisters Produce said...

We missed you today. I remember Grandpa Gene saying that. Thanks for the neat post for today. love you mother.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~