Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Rock, An Enigma, That means "I'm a Hot As Molten Lava Rock"

I'm not too sunshiny today. The sun actually did this to me. Oh, yeah, don't let spiders crawl on your face.
I'm almost healed. This is at 3:00 a I'm wide awake thinking about what a few hours of sleep did to me. All good and I did let all the bad attitude go down the drain when I took my bath about midnight. I washed my hair nearly 4 times and it really made my hair different. It's not greasy. I'm happy, my hair is fluffy, but I'm not going out yet. The dark feels good to my eyes in the cave room with the air conditioning.

I wanted Steve to tell me his favorite seven this morning. I said, "You know, that list, of things, like your favorite things in groups of seven." He said "What's the seven?" "Just answer my questions" I pleaded, pen in hand. The conversation didn't go over well. Man, is he eating "Wolf Cookies" or what? Hmmmm. I did like Jacob best. Get it!!! Wolf cookies?? Where are you people? IS everyone is crazy but me? A Indian wolf could be mighty fine! Soooo, just skip to Twilight. Vicodin! Yes, my children, I'm on drugs. Get Over it.

Steve's top seven were so boring, he won't do it. He said for me to make-up the rest. Thank you. That gives me the free-agency to make Steve very interesting. Honestly, he doesn't want to know. The only thing I could get out of him was that he wanted to take his car to the car show next year, but not like it is right now. That "thought" must have just set him off. No money, no time, and mechanically impaired. I really think he COULD DO WELL at fixing cars, but he always manages to cut-off a finger or knock-himself out.

Steve was so sweet last night--at almost midnight, he bought me tickets to the Edward's lol Cinema last night for the premier opening in Ventura County of the movie-- Twilight. Kiely and I are going together and we are wearing our matching T-shirts. Then, we'll go as a big party and then, I get to go with the Young Women. I hope it's a good show because I've never gone to a show more than twice, ever. I'm going back to bed. I have the flu...I have an ugly face that's hurts more than the way it looks....and a headache, intermingled with hot flashes. huh? Thank you, Larin.

*****This post was rewritten this evening because everyone in my house said that they didn't understand my post. Am I that transparent? Huh? I'll get you all, no holds, bring it on....
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I'm circling the drain. Mom

Sisters Produce said...

You are not! You r on the mend, everyday is a new and wonderful gift. make the most of it!
I love you Mother!