Saturday, November 22, 2008

OOPS.... I Did It Again, Twilight Saga

Tressa, Larin, Marnie and I went again to a early, early morning showing of Twilight. I think I now...not only look like a vampire with black eyes, but I have a terrible cold. I think I've slept most of the day. I wanted to listen to my playlist, but how funny that I start it and only remember one or two songs. I was Zonked! Soooo, I put the weirdest one first. I think I have a new Enya-type favorite singer called, Hayley Westernra. She sang the Dark Waltz somewhere near the prom-scene near the end of the movie of Twilight. I really like Flightless Bird, actually that one is my favorite.

*****Added after I saw this movie again, Dark Waltz wasn't there. Sorry. I did see it with them dancing to it, so I must have seen it on a fan-based, You Tube video clip. I still love Hayla Westernra, I'm not sure where I go to get her CD. Ahh Haaa! Amazon.

I do have a real life. Right now, it consists of taking my heart pills, drinking diet Dr. Pepper. (not today, because it hurts my throat) and staying out of the light, because it hurts my face and especially my eyes.

Really excellent time for me to read and I plan to catch-up with new books with a bandanna handkerchief in-hand. No, not for crying. I just do that in the movie theater.

I was so glad Tressa was there to chew on the projectionist. Dang, he fell asleep during "the turn off your cell phones slide" at the beginning. We looked at that for 10 minutes, Tressa took off. She had just returned and then, the movie was showing on the ceiling. lol Tressa jumped out of her seat again, and this time gave him "THE-WHAT-FOR?" I guess he was asleep. Tressa did get applause the second time she went up to shake him. Otherwise, it was a super fun experience with my girls. It was also so interesting to see my daughters take on all of it. The second time was better because you do see so much more. Hope the DVD adds the expanded version for more character development with Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. They do have the extra out-takes that were removed for time sake.

I'm a person that rarely goes to the movie, my husband especially dislikes it. This is the first and second time this year and it's the same movie. The last time I went was to see the Chipmunk Movie. I thought after that one Steve and I probably would just watch Bob the Builder, Monster Truck Shows on TV, and of course, Elmo for the rest of our lives. I do watch Cops with him if it is showing when he's off duty.
That's okay, I'll watch Monster Trucks. This is my son-in-laws favorite sport. His truck is 40 foot tall. His two boys love trucks, too. If you need to know more about BIG CARS AND TRUCKS it's:

I know all the Monster Truck names by heart. My favorite is Grave Digger. Duhr. He's just outta' control. Kinda' like the rest of us.

I have to go at least one more time before I buy it.

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mother is was very funny. thanks for the constant check to make sure i was still awake. man i was tired.