Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight...let down

I wish that it didn't end with the prom. It was an absoulutely beautiful prom and then the movie lead us to the next book. I didn't want it to be over. Please Stepanie don't let us down, make another movie!

What happened to the over three hours that I was there for the midnight showing? Oh my heart, I had to take a heart pill. The romance, the action--so scary, beautiful scenery, I actually swooned for Jacob, but when Edward opening his shirt. Oh, my gosh! My husband is just the right color. I'm buying him iridescent make-up for Christmas. My Norwegian husband has such white skin it's almost transparent.

I recommend this movie--what can I say? I read the book and it is so true to the story and setting, just exactly what you read, but better! Jasper cracks me up. I loved every bit. I cried so hard when she left her dad, 'cuz you knew. Oh my, even her dad is hot. I AM a BELLA and proud of it. She's not scared and would die for her love. It is a contemporary Romeo and Juliet with a twist. I loved the audience participation, we went nuts all together. Actually, in about 9 months there will be a lot of new Bellas and Edwards. Utt-OOO TMI I need to see this movie again and again. I'm buying it and I'm getting the soundtrack! Sigh. I loved this movie. My favorite.

****UPDATE Dec. 10, 2008: Yes! The Twilight saga will continue with another movie. My mother is even loving the books. Nothing like a "Great Grandmother Twilighter"

best ever., Oh. YES, This is the Movie, YES


Breeda said...

YAY....I can't wait for tonight!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

I am so sorry that I was not there last night. I am glad that you all had fun and loved the movie.

Natalie said...

Where did they film this? The real Forks is just an hour away from my house & it actually really beautiful there. I can't imagine them replicating it for the movie... (I haven't seen the movie yet & am DYING to!!!)