Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where The Heck Is Everyone?

Sunday is pretty much a family day. Just because I didn't eat dinner (lunch) everyone left. Well, they ate and left. I hear nothing from my cave. I don't want anyone to see me. face is a mess. Steve's on duty again--hope he will get my medication for my face. Medication is okay to buy on Sunday, right? Oh no, that's just if you're dying. It's for my face and I'm dying to look normal, wear make-up, and please let it start raining, so I don't have anymore bloody noses! The East Wind and the medicated cream don't do wonders for my little nose. Dumb ram lamb that broke my nose (still small) the last time, has made life difficult if I do a body shift change on my face at night. The ram wasn't this cute and a whole lot bigger when he "col-cocked" me. The lip tissue was permanently enhanced, easier than botox. I just saw stars.......Yes, the white devil ram is dead.
This Is So Weird That I  Think I'm in Another Dimension

Now, I do really have to get better. My husband is becoming famous and if I want to actually meet a celebrity (Oh, do I have to?) It's not really that, the people he meets think I'm invisible, or gone on some long journey, or I'm maybe even divorcing him, or he's single or gay (right, John) I'm not gone....and I've got to be there with him and schmooze. (It that the right word? I like just hanging out) I had someone try and steal my Dearest. Haaahhaaa, I sunk her boat! But to be did get all over town that we had gone our separate ways, a few years ago. Be careful and check the right boxes in your child's school information packet. I didn't have my glasses and just filled it in like every year. But..... they changed the format a little, and I checked divorced on the form. It couldn't have been more public than if it was printed on the front page of the newspaper. People I didn't even know asked me how we could live in the same house.

"La la la" I didn't even get it or even know that it was the town gossip until someone at church asked me if Steve and I were back together. Well, shoot! I wouldn't be letting him drive my FJ, if he wasn't sleeping with me! One check mark in the wrong place can do wonders for a person's reputation.

Should I sneak out of my cave and investigate who's out there? it's so quiet in our house. It's like something is wrong I need to check. Maybe eat. No, I should start calling everyone I can think of on my cell phone? Swell, like I know anyone's number! I can remember my number at my home when I was little: JACKSON 5-3593. And in Fillmore it was, never-mind, I only remember my house address. My phone number will come to me.

I just tip-toed out of the cave of wonders and made a quesadilla for the microwave and put it in and yelled at it in a very loud voice, "HURRY!" Uht-oh, everyone was asleep. That's quite embarracing to be yelling at the microwave. I found a present for me in the kitchen from my husband. AHHHHHH! FOR ME??? He does love me! Only he knows I like dried vegetable slices, called Terra. He went to a fire in Ojai this morning and must have got those up there. He knew I was dying for them..... retreating to the cave, little kids are crying. Kiely is that you?

******Added Monday Nov. 24th Steve bought the chips on Saturday night before he went to work. He didn't even break the Sabbath on duty. I thought that was a little "out-of-character" for him. Steve cooks all his meals and even takes his own ice cream. Santa Paula firemen usually don't cook, they eat at "Dirty Al's"

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

mother you need to get better. we miss seeing you out of the cave. it is almost time for being all better. even if your face is still healing. we miss you and your missing the world. COME OUT!!!!!!!!! i love you. get better NOW! see you tomorrow. i'll walk over to see you. like 5 people from church asked how you are doing, they miss you too.