Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beautiful Christmas Days In Santa Paula and The Abrupt And Useless Bluffs

Up the Crick, Santa Paula Canyon

Our Jurassic Park

The road to the crick.

Jurassic park--I love it!

It's so dark. The tall, tall mountains are covered. Looks like it's still snowing.

Abrupt And Useless Bluffs (Official name from
the bluffs given and on U. S. Geological Survey Maps U.S.G.S.)

I'm so thankful for this beautiful day! We have a lot of Cirrus clouds because rain is coming. We also have the puffy thunderheads and blue, blue sky, peeking through. Tonight will be rain and maybe some light snow. The family rode motorbikes in the mud and even Dave and took out his big red truck.

I remember how my dad taught me how to control a spin, doing donuts in the field. So fun and the truck was so heavy--I could have hit a fence and nothing would have happened. It was a long-bed '56 Ford pick-up. Dave's truck is new and he had super fun. Randy had all his motor bikes and gear. Kiely threw a complete fit, worrying about the nice grass for her mare. We know who's #1 in her life. Sahara, the Wonder Horse. She'll be mad at me again for saying that. My favorite view is when the clouds gather on the Topa Topa Mountains, San Caytano, and Santa Paula Peak.

****Added on Dec. 24th 2008**** I have to give credit to my dear daughter, Larin, for the beautiful pictures. I can't take credit for them. She left me a sweet comment and I realized those were "her" pictures. Sorry I stole them--I got sooo excited to see my favorite view in the whole world besides my family, my home.

Abrupt And Useless Bluffs and I love the pink moment at sundown, Clouds, I'm getting to appreciate the beauty around me. I am becoming more like Bree.


Breeda said...

How nice it is to be able to see home like this. Your photos are lovely and I love the Bluffs. Thank you mom for posting these. The dark clouds and looks of rain makes me want to grab my pig pillow and a fuzzy blanket and sleep on the couch in your living room.

The Knappy Crew said...

YOU are SO SWEET. (wink,wink)