Tuesday, December 9, 2008

News Flash. Grandmother Runs Over Grandchild With Motorized Wheelchair At Disneyland

Just when ya' think that you're having the best time of your life. I ran over Dean, my grandson. The commotion startled me and I ran over my husband's feet. We were in the old winery (that should tell you something) but the feature there..is about the update on the "new and improved" version of California Adventure. It was super dark in there and for vanity's sake, I was still wearing my sunglasses. Dean was walking slowly in front of my "electric stroller" and I said, " Dean, walk faster!" "He completely stopped." I knocked him down, then the next few moments are a blur. I was trying to take pictures..I didn't think it was as serious as it was. The whole incident finally started to sink in and while getting car-sick on the new 3-D "Toy Story Ride," I started to cry. sniff, sniff. He has no bruises, no bumps, and still loves me with lots of hugs. The whole thing sure scared me!

I didn't go to the birthday party that night for Kenna in the Hotel. I kept the covers over my head. Now, this isn't a feel sorry for yourself kind of thing, just a broken heart and contrite spirit. I've really repented but then again yesterday while trying to show the ticket-taker my cards, I accidentally pushed the "go knob" and pushed the table into an old man, almost knocked him over. And, I'm so sorry. I did enjoy "Crush" and went "Soaring Over California."

I so need to remember to not be such a hot-rodder, pay more attention to what I'm doing, and maybe not be flustered about being late or in the way, and just be more patient. Okay, this scared me again. When will "careful" sink in?

Dean and I had a long talk, so I'm better with that part of it. I think Steve is still miffed over me running over his feet. Surfer bumps on such a surfer as he is, are easily irritated and the soreness remains for a very long time. OOPS. He still loves me, maybe I'll get my credit card back tomorrow.

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