Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brad Wellman The Santa Paula Grinch (the younger years)

I feel this is a 'bout as close as I can get with Dr. Seuss:

Humph! It's Saturday night and mice were a'stirring, no other sound, or creature inside.
Not a kitten a'purrin' or even cat fight
I put on ma' jammies, heavy socks, and covered up tight. I picked up my ipod to listen, and held it with might.

The animals are safely snug in the barns.
Rains are a'comin' no need fur alarm.
The poor lil' children are eatin' loads of sugar 'n' sweets and getting sick and freaked-out at Church by, guess who?
Saint Nick.

From afar I hear, and rose with a clatter (?)
I opened the door to see what wuz the matter.
I froze in ma socks when I heard a loud yodel,
Way up from afar--and it's gettin' colder.

Ah Yes! It's Spanish, I'm sure, I've heard that sweet polka mix, now that I'm older
That tells a lot, because I'm also more bolder

So I'm dancing around and doing some tricks
My goodness, what's next? Do I see Saint Nick?
Yes, drums, cymbals, bells, and ringin' that's quite a'kick
Polka, music, yodelin' fun--Oh, just a'lick!
Is it Mick Jagger? Aerosmith? Or rock star in lights?

It's ma grandson, Dean, he's got the beat right.
What a happy surprise, I'm in fur a'night
Polka, Spanish, drums, and occasional yell.
Yodeling, I'm sure, right up the crick dell.

(ya' feel like dancing right here, don't ya'?)

I heard it again, it was a loud moo,
And the dogs started in, a'yodelin', too.
The donkies joined-in and a rooster or two,
But that's not my fault I felt like yodelin', I do!
No one would know me, ma families gone.
My husband's at duty all though the night long.
So, I started, I promise, an' yodel, I did, and weird as this sounds...
The "mike," the noise, they all just shut-down!

There on the porch I yodeled right-out, and it wuz just me,
Yodeling all by myself.
It wuz so weird and I felt really funny
All the animals looking up at da human bean-dummy.

So I ran in the house and into ma cave.
Ma ipod in hand--Do I see my dear son-'n-law, Dave!!?
Off went ma lights as I jumped into bed....
And then a long thought....I'm not right in the head.

The KnappyCrew has more on this happy occasion.
You better tell us all, Larin! Dean?!


The Knappy Crew said...

mother you are funny! I think the last thought is funny.

Breeda said...

Mom...I love this! You are so fun. I have always loved your poems!

Laurel said...

Sister Lazenby! This is Sister Laurel Hansen (Albrecht) from the Ventura Mission. I was a missionary 14 years ago in Santa Paula and found your blog through "Annie Tintles". I 'm not sure if you will remember me. We taught Karen (your son's former girlfriend, he has just left on a mission) the discussions were at your home. I was always so impressed by you and your family. You had the kind of family that was so inviting and always made me feel as if I were back home with my own family. I was thrilled to find your comment on Annie's blog. I check her blog often...I used to babysit her husband Jason when he was little. Where has the time gone?! Anyway...Merry Christmas! So glad I found you again!

Unknown said...

I love the poem! It is PERFECT! Good job. I wish I would have heard the yodel! That would have been great.
I love you.