Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I need to make a correction and addition to my Ridgecrest, etc. posts

I just found out about the hiker who lost his leg. A very nice someone was selling pieces of the boulder to help the man with expenses. The hiker that was hurt is a local person, in Ridgecrest....I thought it was strange buying (a donation) piece of the rock to help him. Steve meant to take the rock back in to the donation jar--he just wanted to show me. My husband thought it was very smart and an imaginative way to raise money. Also, it showed a bunch of work on the friends part, to help the hiker. The one who did this, or persons, did a "major work" to break-up the boulder... and have so many pieces to sell. I put it in my purse and now, it's in my rock collection.

I also want to add that if you would like to "dis" my town of Santa Paula, feel free! I saw persons try and push a car in "park" in the busiest intersection in town. People went to help and the dummy driver went through a red light and put the helpers in harms way. I saw a bunch of trashy people throwing their garbage on the sidewalk. And a lovely, personable person hit the "flashing stop pedestrians signal" and not cross, on purpose. I saw "nice" people honking horns and "hand signaling" their sweet and lovely feelings. A lady my age of about 50 something-- --years old, hide three large bottles of beer under her blouse and try to escape the gas station while we were filling up our FJ. Oh sorry, that was Saticoy. Does that count? A Car just hit a pedestrian at Blanchard Street and Santa Paula Street. Now... on the scanner...this very minute, a CHP is chasing a motorcycle into town. The scanner is still going. It will be another, one of those nights. Ridgecrest, you sound pretty good, right now.

More information from the pedestrian hit in Santa Paula...the person may not have made it and if the person did make it from the accident it would have been a miracle. Steve was very upset from the incident. It was a hit and run, however there were good witnesses. My sister-in-law lives just a block away. So sad. Our town is quite a mess right now.

Cold Really..., Ridgecrest, Strange, Unusual Town

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