Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Wish Christmas Would Never End

I really loved this Christmas. I forgot about walking over dumped legos, pieces of Mr. Potato Head, and misc. fun and exciting stuff from the $1.00 store. Most of the toys are still there. We went on a road trip across town to meet my husband and the other firefighters at my sister-in-law's home. Funny, we all (the older ones) mention that we should be watching the Twilight Zone Marathon while we eat. Old time traditions that are completely weird. For all of my younger grandchildren that statement has absolutely nothing to do with the current "twilight" subject.

My son, who is known for his quietness, said prayer over the dinner. It just went into my heart that someday he will be the patriarch of his own big family in just a turn of time. He is not shy, just thinks before he speaks. My son, when he talks, he uses words that are often quick, but very well chosen. We say--to the new recruits, "Do not ask his sister out on a date and definitely, absolutely, do not use any profane language around her or even at the station." Dustin will certainly light 'em up. One firefighter had to sit in the corner, maybe I have that wrong, but he really lets them have it. We don't call him Uncle Butt-Kicker for nothing. Funny how then, as time goes, he completely and totally forgets about it. He's just like his dad. Opposite of me, who said, "WOW!" "The HD TV shows everything" Someone snickered and there on the large screen was a woman--I said,"She's rather nippy" Okay, you know, that I was around just my family, except Kiely's boyfriend. oops. My family went nuts and said, "Mom!" in unison. I was even reminded about it later.

I just want you all to know I did take some Vicodin, first time since my face cleared-up. I still have black-eyes. Green make-up helps that. But... my shoulder was a mess from getting in and out of the car for caroling. So, there's my excuse. But, if I was completely truthful, I would have said it anyway. I always goof and out slips a word, or few, not thought-out, blurted-out. I may have undiagnosed Tourette. Now, don't jump me for that statement, my dear nephew has it. Maybe,I'm just...well, go figure....yes, my dad.

Kiely and I both received little computers called, EeePC. I automatically called it a Me pc. It is great to have and just like a little book. It's solid state and really much better than a Palm thingy. I've really never received a gift at Christmas. We did go Arkansas as a gift to ourselves last year. Steve saved all his CERT money for the little computers. Kiely needs it for school. Her old one, the very, old Dell that burns-up. We exchanged to a new battery and it doesn't seem to help. So...with Steve and fires, and our luck--it's in the "do-not-use" category.

My children and everyone bought us a middle-of-the-road, flat screen. It's beautiful! We don't need the huge, huge one. I cannot take my eyes off of it. I've never seen fur move on a animated cartoon like that Arctic movie. I just was mesmerized by the mammoth's long hair. We have everyone's old cast-off TVs. Dave said this is my old TV, then said, this is my old TV, and then, again this is the Watson's old TV. I figured that Steve gets enough (he doesn't like TV anyway) but there's a flat-screen at the fire station. So there you go. Half the time, Steve has it at work.

Now my favorite thing was watching my grandchildren, laughing with my sister and mother, and just generally seeing the interaction between everyone. Still, Kiely is so still the baby at almost 20. I'm so not through with her yet or ready to let her find her love and go marry. I was scared as presents go. Her side-kick and his mother just gave her a halter. yay! She is thrilled, she also received a cowgirl vest. She was so excited about the halter she sent me a picture! The unreceived. I have her for a little while longer.

The food, yeeeahhh. Too much. Steve played a trick on all of us. He went to a call, while at Luana's, and when the call was over, he said all the ambulance medics were coming for dinner, too. So, we all scrambled to eat it all before they came. I hurt. Luana saved dishes for the firefighter crews to eat, but not for all the medics. Needless, to say, I didn't have room for dessert and "bless his little heart" Steve brought me a cookie for Christmas Evening in the firetruck. He's so sweet.

I love Christmas and the older I get--it just becomes a wonderful joy, like taught in the Temple. My heart is full. I love you Bree-Bree, thank you for the love today. A Joyous day and I'm so grateful.


The Knappy Crew said...

What a fun Christmas it was. Sorry about the legos. My heels are bruised too. Tomorrow I'll make them clean it all up. I love you Mom thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.-LYMI

Susan said...

Larin, I LIKE THEM!! I wasn't complaining! I just forgot about kids, toys, papers,excitement, reindeer food, it's just the back of Mr. Potato head that bothers me. I think it's part of some food on the floor. It was fun getting up before the sunrise--made Christmas longer. The kitten phone was the best surprise for Dave and the TV and that BBC special of earth DVD...I saw the most beautiful pictures of our world...gasping,"Look at that!" Creation was way better than I could ever imagine, ever.