Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's A Very Berry Lazenberry Christmas

it's Amazing, It's More Than Christmas

I was just going to leave the videos up on my blog for Christmas and try real hard not to blog anything after it, but I'm just having such happy thoughts that I have to do some journaling. I can't let these moments slip-away to not remember how fun and precious this year has been.

Well, you know Dave and Larin and their two boys are here for the holidays. Dave has transferred here and they are looking for a place to live. Jaxon, the almost 2 year-old has decided to live in a suitcase in the living room. When he wants to chill-lax (quote from Mike, in "twilight") and get privacy, Jaxon shuts the suitcase lid over himself. I'm not sure if Dean, his brother, has zipped him up yet. Jax's In A Box !

Dean, on the other-hand, is now "Frosty" and wouldn't mind me at all last night while I was watching him while his mother went to the market. Well, he did mind me if I called him "Frosty." So, while I was gazing at the computer last night, he came up and said, "Take this twig out of my mouth!" "What?" "What's wrong, Dean?" He said, "Grandma, take the twig out of my mouth, and let me see if I melt." So, I did. He didn't melt. He looked at both his arms and said, "I really am Frosty, I didn't go away." Well, under the circumstances, if he was really a snowman and was in our house--he definitely would stay frozen. I guess the teacher at Primary today, didn't call him by the right name of Frosty, because he sat in the hall most of Primary, at Church today. Dustin, Uncle Butt-Kicker, sat with him. I can only imagine what Dustin, my favorite son, must had done.

Steve and I went to another Mupu program and was just overwhelmed by the wonderful time we had at the Santa Paula High School Auditorium. We even did the audience participation activity. I'm also so proud of my grand kids and all their awards. Fun to have almost all my grandchildren around. Bree keeps sending us videos and they really help us stay close. Baby Charlie played the harmonica for Grandpa Doug's birthday party at La Cabana, Dec. 18th. My father-in-law played the harmonica, it so was touching to have the call timed so right. We really, really miss you Grandpa Doug. To see the video of this, go to Bree's blog by clicking the Redneck Reindeer:

BTW Bree, I WANT a razorback in Christmas lights for Christmas. You can send it email. Can you buy razorbacks with Christmas lights!?! Walmart? Arkansas is so cool. If you can have a name of a town called "Toad Suck" and want to live there, it just must be special.

The kid exposure has also a down-side. Steve and I have super colds. My voice is almost gone. Which Steve is now...counting his blessings. Yes, me not talking. I've been peeking at Steve actually watching "Christmas With The Cranks" movie. I know that in the past blogs I've mentioned my husband just doesn't want to watch anything. He's sick and stuck, and just laughing so hard---he's making himself start coughing uncontrollably--just left.

Larin and I watched a TV special, The Brady Family. So LAME!! Who thought of that and wrote it? Sorry, it was so bad! Bad, bad lines...and very bad acting!! FUNNY! We both had never seen it, before. It was funnier than any comedy, maybe I was just so sick. No, Larin is a crack-up! She narrated the whole thing. hahahahaa! hahahaha! hahaha! hahahahahaha!
Oh, it started with the scene of the house with all the trees and bushes stunted over the years. A Very Brady Christmas. We laughed so hard...we were crying. We made up the dialogue before they said it. Kiely came in when the family was inviting Cindy to the "Big People" table, because she's graduated from college, we knew that was going to happen... So, Kiely announced to us, that she is treated the same and what we were laughing about, wasn't funny!

The show was at a this happy point, family drama was over, and the perfect turkey was wheeled out to the family table. Larin said, "Oh, no! I bet the father will be called away in an emergency".... Yep, she called it. He was called-out, because he's an architect and people were trapped in a building. I think Dad Brady then, got trapped for Christmas. We started laughing so hard, I had to leave. Yeah, call the architect, not the police, fire department, and ambulance. Larin called it perfect, and I almost... Well, I couldn't watch anymore. People, a Christmas isn't complete without a fire call. Of course, as usual, Steve is working Christmas and he will either rescue a turkey or a bunch of burnt tamales.

I know there's more to come because Dave is a TV-Christmas-special-freak. "Stay here and watch this." All over the house there's Christmas music and something nice and hot on the stove. Peaceful setting--NOT. Actually, I've been in my room a lot playing with the kid's toys we're giving them for Christmas. They are going to get used presents. Larin, is at this moment, is reading a Christmas story to Dean and Jaxon. Jaxon is ringing door nob-Christmas bells and with the other hand, calling China on our phone. This IS an NEVERENDING STORY. Did you know that kid screams out-the-window... "Moon Child?" I think it's a real name in German, because I can't imagine anyone naming their child that. Remember, it was his mother's name? Never mind...I just heard---what Kiely is going to name all her babies. She has put "dibs" on all of them, like one of the other siblings would name their babies what she has dreamed-up. How did I get to this subject??? Anyways, Merry Christmas!

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