Monday, December 29, 2008

Let Heavenly Father Help You and Turn Your Troubles To The Lord

Today I had very high hopes of being able to find Kiely's DVD Spanish Lessons and the very, very important receipts from her car accident. The insurance needs to pay-up from the young man that hit her while talking on the cell phone. Both these items have been missing since we went to Disneyland. My husband removed the receipts from my purse because he thought my purse was too heavy. I thought he put them on my computer desk and the Spanish out of about 12 discs were just gone. The first one was the application and that was the one missing! My husband would keep asking me about it and my 20 year-old daughter would not let-up on the insurance paperwork. I felt very pressured to find these TODAY.I think I may end-up a complete EMO-Goth with my dark-circled eyes and redness.

I completely tore into my closet and computer desk. I may have done that over three times. Cleaned completely my file cabinet. Looked all through the living room, all the cubbies and all the mail of Dec. I even called our doctor to have his office start all over copying what I had lost. That is not an easy operation. Kiely is an adult and she needs to sign paperwork and the staff was mad. They actually hung-up the phone with complete exasperation and the office staff were infuriated with my request. I started crying hard. Just for me to know someone was really mad at me and refused my request completely broke my heart. I thought they liked me. Pain. I had done everything except for prayer. I knew I did all I could do. I couldn't call my husband and tell him I lost it all. So I knelt in prayer and begged. I knew I upset my grandchildren. They all kept reassuring me I'll find it all. My answer to my prayer was very strange-I almost thought "that just can't be the answer"... As clear as a person talking. I was to go sit on the sofa and to not worry. Be calm. I sat down and cried and started trying to relax.

This is the part that when I lost it. My husband called and I started to talk and he couldn't understand me. Happens when I cry and talk at the same time. So, Kiely took the phone and said, "Mom lost my insurance papers." Kiely looked at me. I put my hands over my face and she said,"Dad has the insurance papers and receipts in his financial file, he took them for safe-keeping before we left to Disneyland." I don't have early onset dementia, in other words, "cognitive and intellectual deterioration" I wasn't losing my mind. Whew. I'm so completely humble and grateful.

My last huge task. Larin said, "You know, the DVDs are probably just two stuck in the same slot. Just mixed-up." Kiely said that she had looked. Mind you, the DVD do stick inside. I carefully unfolded each section and there you go...the very first one had two in the same slot. The one that was missing.

I write this and it sounds so completely trivial. I have skinned-up knuckles. To me... it was a great answer to my prayers. I wasn't banished to the barn with the puppies (Dog House) and I learned a great lesson. Pray sooner and not become overly upset about anything. I feel that I'm really watched over and truly grateful for faith and the love from my Heavenly Father.

I cried a lot more, just because of my lesson. I'm going outside and take pictures of Kiely and her horse. She teaching her tricks, just like her Grandpa Gene and Great-Granpa Joe. She doesn't know they did that. Kiely is really a cowgirl.

 Anxious, Crying, Discouragement, Distraught, Lost and Found

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

I love you! Glad you found your stuff. It was even stressing me out! ha. Fun party tonight. crazy little kids.