Thursday, December 4, 2008

No, I Didn't .... Susan Lazenby, Get A Life

See my Twilight shirt. My mom thinks I'm obsessed.
No, I'm not.

This is so pickin' wrong! I've never, ever gone to the same movie at a movie theater 3 times in a row. I almost sat in Steve's lap because I did know what was coming and it scared me. "Oh! just spare me!" I know you are thinking that. It was my reward for finishing 80% of my Christmas shopping and we didn't have to drive very much to get it done. Yippee...

Jaxon sat on my lap today and cuddled for the first time. It was HIS idea and that made my day.

Two sheep have some dang wool fungus. How'd that happen?

And the stallion finally bred to our major donkey, Rosa. It's a love/hate relationship. Sonny seems happy, but we don't understand Rosa, the donkey.

We had a party at the cultural hall last night. I don't know exactly how all of us ended-up there. Dave had an Elder's Quorum meeting. I had a Young Woman's meeting. Steve said, "Look in the cultural hall and it's filled with our kids." 10 of them were missing and there were still lots. Even the grown-ups were playing dodge ball. It went really well we laughed so much and no one got hurt, except the "Boy Team's" feelings, because the "girls rock" Tatum is amazing, she just about is impossible to hit with the ball. Fun night. We need to do that again. I think we should play "Butts Up" because my backside will beat anyone elses. Maybe I don't have the rules just right? Sheeese! It's after 8:00p and I maybe sorry I wrote this in the morning.

Oh, I forgot, see that fireman up in the corner opposite me? Edward was on the Santa Paula Fire Department under an assumed name and is now back at school. His family lives across the main road of our place. Really!

I bribed my husband and he liked it.


Breeda said... make me smile! I love you!

Sisters Produce said...

Dodge ball WAS fun! Again, again!