Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh No ... Walmart Cut Mike's Head-off

Do you see something odd in this picture? Wouldn't you know, Walmart cut my "favorite" son-in-law, Mike's head-off the top of the Christmas card photo. Cute card, made me sad that I can't use it. Well, he doesn't care, he wasn't smiling anyway. Serves him right, actually, for the VERY difficult time he gives me. My daughter can be standing right there when I call and he won't let her talk to me. She's yelling, "Give me the phone, dang it!" And...he says, "Oh she's not here right now." or even a more irritating "smarty-pants" remark like, "Who?" I've taken so much mother-in-law abuse from him that cutting his head-off just makes-up for quite a lot! I'm sending the Christmas cards off anyway and laugh about it forever and we will be even!

Believe me watchers of my blog, this kind of stuff happens to me every single day! The curse has even flowed over to my daughters and son. We have "alligators" everywhere. This morning at the "dumb playgroup." We all call it that, but all my daughters really, really love it. Some weirdo-guy going through the trash cans came up to a daddy, who arrived later, just to stop by and visit with his family. I might add here, that he was the only man at the "park dumb playgroup."

The weirdo-guy just came over--and said something are talking about me and then totally punched the daddy, in the face and in front of all the babies! Gasp! What just happened? The daddy just happens to be a Highway Patrol Officer. Wrong move for the trash digger, weirdo-guy. My husband even knew this same guy has a lengthy past of beating people up AND my husband is a "fireman." The daddy took the punch, stayed completely serene, and professionally called the police and gave what they call a complete, positive ID on the man that had so much rage inside of him. It was so scary. The daddy just happened to be off-duty and come at just the right time. What if? I can't bear to think of it. Was he inspired to come to just drop by? I like to think he was. And I'm grateful.

Now that I think of it....I'm getting new cards. Mike should be in the picture. He's a cop. He's awesome and I admire him, I really do. And very, very proud of his service in our town. Mike is a great, great husband and he really loves my daughter and is just the very best of daddys, too. He even coaches my grand children's games and wants to be involved in everything they are interested in. He even helps at the schools. Just let me talk to my firstborn "Worm." Okay, Mike? I know you love "the Worm" and you're trying to save her from me. But....I'm still her dear mother...who picks blossoms of blue flowers...

Now, I'm closing the windows tonight and locking the doors to everything. Hope that the alligators stay in the "forbidden forest."

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