Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Sabbath Ward Sunday Sneaker, I Sneaked?

I'm good. I waited until the prayer was over and THEN I tip-toed to the back row. (We don't have a breezeway, well, we do, but we don't really use it) I sat by my mother-in-law, Kiely and Randy followed me and we sat quietly down together. I haven't looked well enough to attend church and this has been 6 weeks in a row. Longer than anytime, ever. My face didn't look real bad--Kiely used green make-up on my black-eyes. Of course it being new skin, it turned even blacker today.

I had to go to church! I needed the Sacrament. I was almost obsessed with finding a way to go and not talk about why I look so scary. The missionaries were coming to my house even, to invite me to church. I was on the list. ME??? Actually, I think they were just coming for the Mountain Dew. Yes, sir-eee. I don't drink that stuff, but someone has a stash somewhere. I won't say who.

I listened carefully to the speakers, loved the talks. Keith Ashby actually makes me cry, he's so sincere in his talks and just pours out his heart. He will be a great missionary. I somewhere started thinking, probably sometime during the rest hymn, that I needed a plan to escape; and yet follow the directions on being excused. What door, where to go? I have lots and lots of family here and they know. I've got body guards. Actually, most of them don't even know I DID come to church. Did I really run down the hall to the Bishop's office like a crazy person? Almost. I had to pay tithing. Can't say what happened next, but I just got stuck. I am trying to be good, bless their hearts. I HAVE to set-up the YW room. So, at a slight moment of distraction, (thank you, Sherman) I shoot through and run like a crazy person to the other side of the building. Did I say run, again? Well, I did in the cultural hall. Cold, very cold--the room, I mean. We are meeting in the Relief Society room.....oh yeah, Duhr...

It was the 5th Sunday and we all met together to start an amazing program of fasting and prayer. Our region was especially chosen. My Marnie saved me a seat in the back, near the door. See how they help me? There really wasn't enough room in the Relief Society for the whole ward, so many were standing. Our chapel is used at that time for the other ward that meets here. At the very end, Marnie's baby needs attention and I have to stand and walk out of the room to let her out--we were like sardines in there. My rivet type button to my camo jacket caught in the hole where the door shuts into and I slammed back into door jam, like rubber band, and then into bishop and his little grand daughter. We danced there for a few seconds, Marnie, oh thank you, unhooked my jacket. My stealth-mode was compromised. I decided to just sit in a chair in the hall, right near the door and I turned COMPLETELY RED from embarrassment. I did stay there for the closing prayer. The new program is a mission...

A few people asked me if I was thrown out of class and I so I started to make a bee-line to my car. OOPs! I forgot something, "Dustin take my picture and send it to dad, so he can see I'm at Church. PLEASE?" He had fire duty and I think, that he knew while he was gone, I would have chickened-out and ditched church. Dustin did take a picture, but sent another person's picture to his dad. He's sooooo mean.

Thank you my dear son! I'm in camouflage, Steve probably wouldn't have recognized me anyway.

I feel like a nut...Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't...Isn't that a jingle to a commercial? What!?

By the way, have you seen Larin's blog? Knappy Crew This is really an everyday adventure at Danger Ranch. Dave, Larin, and the boys are living on the ranch until they can find a decent house in this town. JUST TODAY...... Dean joined a gang, Dave roped a donkey, Kiely let all the sheep loose. The buck is in the doe's pen acting crazier than a loon, and all the dogs watched. Are they really, really ranch dogs? I want to know. A chicken lost it's will to walk. There was a fight at the pizza joint. Don't ask me, I wasn't there. Told you.

I shouldn't write any blogging stuff after 8:00p Hey, did you know Christmas is coming?
I fully did a  hideout in my camo and sunglasses

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Sisters Produce said...

I am glad that we were able to make your outing to church almost incognito! I was very surprised to see you there. Glad we could sit together. ~~~~~~~~~ Marnie