Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You could never guess where I am......

I'm in beautiful downtown Ridgecrest! Steve wanted to take me to a get-away, just us vacation spot & here we are. It was just us at the restaurant, the movie, and the motel. Okay, a few came to the motel, but this town is deserted & desert.

I was informed to be ready when he got off work at 8a and we would begin our voyage. It happened that he lost the money to go so....he asked me where I lost it. Considering recent past history, I almost took the rap. ha! ha! He lost it! The money was packed in a weird spot in his suitcase. We both forgot our antibiotics for our cold & Kiely had to bring them downtown to us, so we wouldn't have to go back home. We need a vacation. Strange idea, yeeeeaaaahhh! "The Jackass Capital of the World". I'm not kidding or losing it-my husband thought if he brought me here, I would fit in with the locals, I did have family here a while back.

We saw a good children's movie, some of it filmed in Santa Paula, called Bedtime Stories. I really wanted to see another movie that starts with a "t". There was a movie filmed near here called, "Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town" It's available to rent at any video rental store. Copy that, Where's Tremors?

Tomorrow, we get to go to "Death" Valley. This is way EMO, don't you think?

The next day is Randsburg, Jo-burg, and Jawbone Canyon. My grandparents lived there a long time ago and since I've been caught crying, Steve thought it would be fun for me to see where they used to live. The house is torn down and there's trash there. Very sad. Yes, it's the dump now.

I have lots to write about, now I think I'll listen to my MP3, and not the heater.

Death Valley, Desert, EMO, ROTFLOL, Randsburg

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The Knappy Crew said...

Wow, look at you miss spoiled. Not only are you on vacation but you are blogging while on vacation. On top of that you are not using your ancient laptop, that is not ancient at all. You are using your super cool "Mee PC". You are so trendy. have fun!!! LYMI- Larin