Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clouds With a Silver Lining or Coming Storm

I have often wondered if my mom raises Alligators in her big fish pond just outside my bedroom window. She bleaches it, drains it, sweeps it, and there's no water in the fish pond except when there's an occasional (very occasional) rain. I'm beginning to discover that the real alligators that visit our home are from the crick. All of laughter of the children playing and having fun call to the alligators and they make their way up the bank and under my bedroom window. The MP3 and my big heavy earphones can not drown the noises that are coming from the reptile creatures. I don't know how many alligators are there, but they must be under the large blue Cape Plumbago bush. Something or someone must be feeding them. The alligators have decided to stay. Saddness.

When you look at the cloud do you see a silver lining or a coming storm? Why is it hanging over our home and place? This has all happened before. All of it. Different lives, different people, but heartache and despair (the alligators) seem to try and creep in at just the right times when we are doing all that we can, to do what is right.

I've tried so hard to stay on top of all the by posting fun ideas that lift and remembering happy times. I don't want to cry because my tears would never stop. I have had heart messes ( rapid, erratic beats ) maybe because I'm holding all in or just because of no sleep. I'm praying constantly and I know that my Heavenly Father hears my prayers. He hasn't abandoned us.

The Savior knows. Because He has experienced all our pains, afflictions, and infirmities, He knows how to help us rise above our difficulties ( Alma 7:11–12; D&C 122:8). He has "overcome the world" (John 16:33) and prepared the way for family to receive eternal life together. He is always ready to help us as we remember His plea: "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not" (D&C 6:36). Even when the future seems uncertain, our faith in the Savior can give peace (Romans 5:1; Helaman 5:47).

If I pray to Heavenly Father though Jesus Christ and express my gratitude to my Father and as all of us plead with Him for blessings for us and others in great need, we will draw near to Him. We will draw near to the Savior, whose Atonement makes it possible for us to plead for mercy (Alma 33:11). We will also be receptive to the quiet guidance of the Holy Ghost.

I'm trying to let this all go ... there to a place where there is much faith and comfort. All that know me, everyone that knows me, knows ... I'm a worrying fool. But, I'm trying with every bit of my heart to forgive, give love, stop worrying, and trust in the Priesthood.

I witnessed, just a couple days ago, again how Priesthood blesses us. My grand-daughter first received a blessing just after she was hit in the face with a metal bat. It was so bad that there was a large mark on her face that was bloody and very scary. When Marnie had arrived quickly at the hospital, there was no one else, waiting in the ER. Marnie didn't even have time to sign Kenna in. They asked how many times had she been hit. Kenna is now very outwardly, black and blue, but she's completely okay. Please look at Marnie's blog in a day or so when she can handle putting up the pictures of dear Kenna. Way too much ... overwhelming ... trials are competing for our prayers. If you are fasting soon, please do so for all of our family and others close to us in your prayers.

I know this post is somewhat cryptic and I couldn't bear to write all that we pray for. But, I can't help but know there can be "silver linings" though all of these many trials. Do the trials make us stronger? I don't know...but only, only my faith is best and the outcome will be the will of our Father in Heaven.

This might explain Kiely's post on her cowgirl blog. She dreamed this all before it happened, and dreamed the same dream more than once. I'm glad I listened to her.

I love my family and friends. I'm praying hard.

At a youth fireside Susan Tanner said “I have learned that I can do hard things." This mountain is tall and I'm not nearly as close to the top as the mountain climber. But I'm working on my harness and strong equipment.

Joy and Happiness vs. Sadness and Devastation

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey, Hey Baby ... Watson's, I Have Songs For You

Yes, I know it's basketball season, but I'm just pumped for the super bowl on the flat-screen.

I think the Elders are coming... Just Kidding! They're not, but they've been here every single day this week. They look tired 'cuz it's a long way up Ojai Road!

Miss you guys and love you! Thank you Bree for always, always commenting on my blog -- you are always the first. Mom

Arkansas Razorbacks, I Love Hawgs, Super Bowl
***During the Superbowl~~I had the Razorback Marching Band music from The University of Arkansas Band is great and located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I love the "Hey... Baby," "The William Tell Overture," and their "Fight Song" All excellent and "SSSUUUUUUUiiiiiiEEEEE!!" If you have a spare moment t0 listen to football stuff-- It's the best! We are Razorback fans because our daughter lives in Arkansas and the football team there is completely so addicting. I even have a "hawg" on the back my FJ!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stunts, I'm Off Balance

I can't believe there was this graphic that describes Steve and I exactly! Steve can't even work in the yard or working on the car, without bleeding somewhere. It's tough-guy with Steve. He worked so hard on the yard today and did so much tractor work. He keeps saying this is the time to get the noxious weeds. The bruises and scabs will be showing up.

I think my wobbles are a result of poor decisions in doing stuff myself. It's a control-thing with me. I don't listen to the little-bitty of common sense I may have in the far reaches of my brain. The only thing that makes me pull myself off the ground is that the dogs lick my face. The dogs are making all of us feel better because we get up!?! The dogs say to themselves, "Yes, I licked her face and she's on her feet!"

Kiely may take Sonny, our Curly stallion, out tomorrow and I'm going to takes movies! She's such an excellent trainer and constantly surprises me with her "guts." Sonny's a baby and mellow with her, but ironically...full of energy and spunk. Kiely was raised with him and really enjoys the training progress with him. He's submissive and acts like a puppy around her. What really surprised me is that she announced that Sonny IS GAITED. Yes, Kiely I chose a gaited stallion when I bred Banner. Sonny's dam is gaited, also. I forgot to tell her or actually anyone, because...did they care, really? Now, it's a big-deal. I love it!

Actually, Kiely's latest brave move was taking care of a horse's sheath when it was infected, as well as giving an antibiotic injection. The horse was a stallion and she did it...not hesitating, without knowing the horse, or what the horse's reaction would be. She's a care-giver and yes, she does her own stunts, too. Brave cowgirl. Try giving Banner, our Curly mare, an injection of any kind and she'll kick you even with her front feet. Yee---aaahhh! The vet LOVES Banner! NOT!
Curly Horses, Horse Sense, Stunts, Training Horses

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quirky Old Fashioned Family Sayings. Part Two

This is part two...and if you want to see part one, click the above link and it will show you my little evil--hee..hee, dad. I don't know where in the "Sam Hill" the whole family suddenly remembers these "sayings" in great bursts. My siblings and children keep sending me stuff Grandpa (Dad) said, especially my mom. Sorry Sam, I didn't mean to use your name in vain...Who is he? Which reminds Fillmore there was a store... a long time ago (I'm 58 years old) I will always remember everyone in town used a person's surname as a cuss word. My dad didn't, and you know, it makes me so teary that he knew that was mean and hurtful to the family. My dad wouldn't use it and if we ever got caught using that word our "a#@ was grass and he was the lawnmower" That actually is funny because our lawnmower was so hard to push. He'd surely "peter-out" before he got to us. I am still in shock thinking about that. GASP!...That's someone's name? Stupid boys at school.

Calling people dumb...yes, we all did... but here's a few ones and those popular ones in the the 90's like: "porch light on, nobody home" stuff wasn't at all used, popular or in "REDNECK IN STYLE" sayings. I just heard a couple of those. Similar anyway.


"His dad is his sister" Pertaining to intelligence.

"He could throw himself down on the ground, and miss. He's so stupid"

"You look like you've been drawn through a keyhole backward"

"Just you calling the kettle black" Not racial, pleeesssee...It meant.... all kettles are black and you are one too! I would say.... criticizing another girl, "That girl wears too much make-up!" "Well, if you aren't callin' the kettle black?" Take that "crap" (substitute word) off your eyes, young lady!

My Mom told me that she always took away Dad's knife. She was constantly telling him,"You clean your fingernails, cut bull-calves, and now you're cuttin' your food? Gimme that!"

"It's just Rocky-Mountain Oysters" Instantly, Mom, Lori, and I would lose 5-8 pounds because they are in the "ice-box" duhr...fridge.. in canning jars. I still say ice-box, sofa, handbag, and tin foil. Honestly, I can't recall all that I say that's old...because in my mind, I'm saying it the right way. Does that make sense? BTW, The jars looked heinous! Ewwww.

"They're dancin' crazier than a sprayed bug"

"You'd never see that from a galloping horse" Oh my gosh, I've used this all my married life. Any time my girls made a dress and the seam was a little crooked or they didn't make something perfect. I know that saying was from Tressa Leary in our ward.

"If it was a snake it'd bit ya'' I said that yesterday.

"All those cars out in the back 40 are going to pot!" I said that, and I meant, H-E-double hockey sticks when I said pot. (not Marijuana ha ha)

"Those goats are harder to herd than cats." Me, again

"Don't you be beatin' a dead horse." Directed to me by all my folks when I was young.

"That idiot up da road, if he had any sense, he'd be using that high-horse truck money for an education"

"Don't let the door hit ya' where the Lord split ya'" That was sent to me by my cousin. I probably heard it before. Fur sure.

"Watched pot never boils" ha, ha, ha reminds me of a story about Steve's mother. My husband's grandmother said to Dune,"Watch that pot so it won't burn, while I go across the road" My mother-in-law was 13? She watched it and watched it and it still burned.

"Rabbit's have four furry rabbit's feet, and they aren't lucky, huh, dad?" My Marnie to my Steve shooting the Cotton-tailed rabbits. Sounds sweet, huh? They're dirty varmits with fleas, mites, rabbit fever, and some really, ugly disease that kills domesticated rabbits. And....they eat all my flowers when they have a whole forest with food. Ever heard of "Bunnicula" It's a real book and rabbits really growl.

"I have a bone to pick w'them... dang vermin." Yes, I do.

"I'm gonna' beat ya like a red-headed step-child." My grandson, Tanner, told me that one and he's red-headed and I thought he made that up quote up all by himself. He is a comic! Absolutely no similarity to "Carrot-top," more like Adam Sandler, but shorter.

"Quit playing possum" Actually, if you get near a playing dead, possum, they will growl at you and they have tons of sharp teeth. They are HUGE RATS crawling with baby rats (baby possums)on their backs.

"That nut doesn't fall far from the tree" This IS the NUTHOUSE!

"Don't fret 'bout it, just do the best and let the rough end drag"

"The wheel's turning, but the hamster's dead" Thanks, anonymous. That made MY day....

"Cow kicked by a mule!" Explanation needed here. A cow has perfect peripheral vision and can kick a red soda can outta' your hand and not hit 'ya. Yes, it was my Dr. Pepper can. A mule however, kicks harder than...I don't know an animal that kicks harder. So if you get "cow kicked by a mule" you're in deep stuff.

"Blind in one ear and can't see out of the other one" my husband, a long time ago. He had a red-neck friend named Ron Meadows. Actually, he's full of it.

"As useful as a sidesaddle on a pig" We have a side-saddle and we had pigs so my dad made a good point. However, riding pigs anywhere was fun especially in mud. I like to think it was clean mud, but I don't think so. We had to shower with the hose in the back-yard and then go take a bath. Then, throw-away our clothes and not be able to go to Sunday School.

"Cute as a bug's ear" "Cute as a bug" Our Larin is "Bug" and as a baby, my Grandpa O'Connor called her the "Bug-eyed Baby" We named her to make him happy, a real Irish name, Larin Luree, and he always called her the "Bug-eyed Baby." Never called her anything else. Actually, I could make a blog posts of just his nick-names for people. Like, Bubble-butt or Liver Lips, etc. Yes, me. Nice, huh? They were given with love.

"Close the back door, you raised in a barn?" My kids always answered yes because I would bring baby goats in the house to feed them. They were in a large kennel most of the time...yes, they were...Actually, the goats learned to open our front door, you know the kind of door knob in Jurassic Park? Oh, this is sounding really bad...yes, goats loose in our yard and they leave a very obious trail.

"Your barn door is open!" There's more to that, but I was never allowed to say the rest. I always thought it, though. Bad! I've got to quit this quote stuff, maybe I'll do a number three way later, or even better....old firehouse sayings.

"So now I'm caught between a rock and a hard place" and "I can't never do nothin" just the way I planned.

Oh no! I just found another word document with quotes that I didn't use. Guess I will put more up later. I suppose this was more our own family...maybe all these sayings were what we heard as kids and think they are all ours. Could that possibly be?

My dad's all time, every single night, saying was......instead saying, "I'm tired of you kids fightin', jumpin' and wigglin!" He'd say, "Go upstairs and take a bath!" My sister Lori and I crack-up all the time over our dad saying that. She reminded me to post it on my blog. Yes....Actually, we say it to each other. Hey! I need to use, "Go take a bath!" to Kiely while she's still at home.

"Hey!" "Hay is for horses and straw is cheaper, grass is free, and if you marry the farmer's daughter, you get all three." Is that right, Steve? You know--Steve...? You just plowed and disced all the grass.

****This saying is for me, it IS me....."Ask her what time it is and she'll tell you how to build a clock" Yay! My own saying that fits me perfectly.

My post has run outta' space. I've done 'nuff damage to the Queen's English for today. I need clean-up a bit, fix my "Sea Hag" hair and get out the putty knife. Crap! I just told someone it was "sea nag" but it's "SEA HAG" Oh, I'm a mess....and as "ugly as a mud fence" QUIT!!

****I didn't clean-up well. Added at 5:30pm: The curlers didn't work and I left them in a long time. I have a woman's short, ugly mullet. Kiely stole my make-up including the cover-up so the green stuff shows through (scary) and last, but not least, I had to resort to glitter-bare minerals and my face and neck look like I'm having one of my own "personal summer's," non-stop.
English Gone Bad, Old Fashioned Sayings, Please Don't Read

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight Obession Is Fun and Funny

You Know You’re Obsessed With Twilight When….

#1- You take the book everywhere you go… including the bathroom.

#2- You dream about Edward Cullen in your sleep.

#3- You stay away from the sunlight at all costs afraid you might start to sparkle if so much as a speck of sunlight shines on your person.

#4- You replace yourself with Bella and claim you are Edward Cullen’s love muffin.

#5- You are either a Bella/Jacob fan or Bella/Edward fan engaging in a conflict between which is the better pairing despite the fact that Bella and Edward are already together.

#6- You are checking the official Stephenie Meyer website everyday every hour on the hour to see when the Twilight movie is coming out.

#7- You love Breaking Dawn and wish there was more.

#8- You tell your teacher that your vampire instincts the books teach mythology.

#9- You attempt to turn your boyfriend/girlfriend into a vampire or Mormon by trying to convince them that you want to spend eternity together.

#10- You go all emo and angsty when you read the part when Edward leaves Bella in New moon.

#11- You forgive Edward despite everything and claim he’s done nothing wrong ever. That definitely includes the whole leaving Bella thing making her all depressed and she almost kills herself.

#12- You believe it is your mission to go around converting people to Twilightism, wear the Twilight shirts, pick a team, and buy all the books, movies, and run trailers on your computer.

#13- You place your worst enemy as a werewolf and you a vampire claiming that that’s the reason you’ll never get along.

#14- You take your book of Twilight and sleep with it as a teddy bear.

#15- You have your ideal vision of a boyfriend exactly like Edward—even in appearance.

#16- You tell someone that you can see the future and that they will trip and fall to the floor. You follow them around all day making sure it happens since they don’t believe you.

#17- You think the hottest guy in your class is a vampire and stalk him all day until he admits it. Good pick-up line.

#18- You will name your daughter Bella or your son Edward just because they are your favorite character.

#19- You try to read peoples’ minds during your free time only to get a major headache and achieve nothing. But, you are working on your strength training in case you run in to a James. Go Alice!

#20- You wonder WHY you can’t read peoples’ minds in the first place.

#21- You form a club for the sole purpose of Memorizing all the script and using it in appropriate lines in conversation. "Say it, out loud!" And report all news articles about the filming and interviews with the actors, directors, and especially Stephanie Meyers.

#22- You tell your parents that you older sibling smells like a werewolf and should be sent to the dog clinic for a bath.

#23- You made up a Twilight theme song and are currently writing a letter to MTV requesting a video be made of Edward and Bella looking at each other.

#24- You believe you were only living in a void until Twilight was born into the world.

#25- You actually say to the computer you will do everything on this list as you read along until you are dubbed an actual Twilight obsessed manic. Also, your computer Screensaver is Twilight and so is your my space background.

#26-You want the movie soundtrack, background music, and all the jewelry for your birthday

#27-Signing a petition for Midnight Sun

#28-You already have a Widget for the "Countdown to New Moon."

Warning: If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best if you get help from a therapist or a guidance councilor before you are diagnosed with OTD—Obsessive Twilight Disorder. Some symptoms may include reading Twilight over and over again despite the fact that it’s your 172th time reading it, you ignore your our studies to concentrate on looking for vampires, and last but not least: tell everyone that Edward Cullen is your future husband. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms along with the list above, please save yourself while you still can. OTD is an incurable disease and there is absolutely no hope for you to be normal again. Have a nice day.

I guess I'm obsessed because a couple of these symptoms are me. I didn't realize it. Yes, you saw the count-down widget to New Moon on my blog. It's already there and I'll try and not look at it.

I do have both soundtracks already and a couple songs are on my MP3 that I listen to every night. There are tons of sleepy songs on there, so I'm not sure if I really listen.

The jewelry I bought for my grand-daughter for Christmas.(I don't wear it) No on #25.

Yeah, I missed-out on a lot of fun books waiting for Twilight.

Yes, I would like to see a video and no, I didn't write anything or think about a video, well sort of--I've just seen too many trailers.

Yes, I was thinking that I could "ding" my son, the shower-guy and say he smelled like a wolf but, that wouldn't go over well, like I'm signing up for payback.

Oh no, I do use lines from the movie, but I haven't been memorizing the script. It gets into you after you've seen the movie uuuuhhhh, 7 times.

No reading minds, but I'd like to work on my jumping and strength training. Alice is one of my favorites.

Ha ha! Jane, my grand-daughter in Arkansas already named herself, Bella Jane without any help from anyone and she's only 5. See picture below in Arkansas. All kids have two names in Arkansas. It was meant to be.

No I stalk no one, but Bree does see the future and it scares her to pieces.

Oh no, my husband Steve, looks like Edward. He's Norwegian white and often dazzles me.

I have fallen asleep with every book open and my face planted somewhere that I don't remember reading.

Okay, Okay, I have a couple trailers, and I do pass the book around, however, it's my daughter's book. Oh, I bought a few books for Christmas presents, does that count?

I am not involved in #13, but I do forgive Edward, I don't know why, I'm just a forgiving person.

I'm already past #10 and #9. I'm already married for eternity.

I wish there were more books and occasionally look at the Stephanie Meyers site. I'm getting vibes to try and read Edward's Midnight Sun. I have this conflict inside me to wait for the book.

Steve is my muffin, but I do hate the hot sun because of my face cancer. Yes, it sparkles because I brought (not on purpose) a sparkle face powder. I do love the rain, but my face will run. I'm a putty-knife right now. Love, love, love the clouds.

No, I don't dream about any of the book, but I know a lot of people I know have done that. uhhh, I don't remember all my dreams.

Yes, the book did go in the bathroom, but I was on an exciting page.

I thought this whole book was like a "Transformers Movie" But, Larin , my party daughter, has been to Twilight parties a couple years ago, like all Arizona nuts.

I do have two t-shirts, one with twilight on the front, for the opening and one was precious t-shirt...given to me on a very special whim that I needed from "Regarding Annie" I follow her blog. The t-shirt I have is Team Edward. Team Jacob went to my best friend, because she's Native American. BTW Annie's shirts are wonderful, really long, very stretchy and very, very soft.

I did at one time want Bella to marry Jacob during New Moon. I decided somewhere Jacob was better for her. I changed.

This confession is so personal and revealing. I see I'm going to need help. I'm going to try and wean myself off of this movie right after my DVD comes, I pre-ordered it.

*****Added at 3:05p.m I canceled my DVD set . My husband was unhappy with my purchase even though I had already given him the money. He said that the money was his to begin with, and I was using my Rx money. Sooooo, I did as he wanted....I stopped the pre-order . Now there's another Twilight available. Tear.

Calling All Girls, New Moon, Me Obsessive? and Twilight

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arkansas - Southern California, You Decide. Who Thought This Sweet List Up... Had a Mind Of A Cutworm.

Arkansas Accckkkk! This is my 100th post! Now I forgot what I was going to write. There I go, I uploaded a picture. I absolutely love Arkansas! Love it! Actually, it is the greenest place I've ever been and we went there last year in February. The picture of Jane is my grand-daughter, my grandson is just as cute! You just have to peek at Bree's Blog

All my life I thought Iowa was the center of the universe. So many of my relatives homesteaded there. My mom's side and my dad's side before the train went through across the country. It was the last stop. I wish I had some family that started in Arkansas.

Bree sent me some information about Arkansas when she first moved back. There's a lot of funny stuff that people do that is just amazing. Like rubbing the fire flies on your face at night and the liquid makes you look spooky. Some of the "frady-holes" or tornado shelters are made from buried buses. But the real stuff, it's just like here----we just don't notice it. Steve was crusin' though Bree's back alley with Google Maps and I asked him? Is that our backyard with all those storage containers and cars? No, it's Arkansas.

Things that happen here and they are the same as in Arkansas? Yep.

Arkansas vs. So. California........You decide!

1. Go ahead and throw out that toilet. Yep, Kiely's old one is still in the roll-off container waiting a trip to the dump. It will grow lichens on it before it goes away. This isn't Arkansas?
2. We don't keep firearms in the house. That is such a loaded phase. I have bullets, cartridges, and firearm crap everywhere, but I'm not tellin' and you won't ever find it. My mom put some away 40 years ago in our big other house and it's lost. No one stole it--take my word on that.
3. You can't feed that to the dog. Oh, my heck! Our dog's name is Little Pig and she's on a diet. The other two dogs, dumb and dumber (Actually, Darby and Dixie) my mom told me they ate fried green tomatoes the other night. That's probably why I'm up listening to them barking in the barn at this very moment. Dixie and Darby and Little Pig sound kinda' like they live in Arkansas. No, Southern California
4. No kids in the back of the pick-up, it's not safe. How 'bout 10 of them hanging on and off the golf-cart going full-blast all over the ranch and even through Jurassic Park and the crik? Yeeeeaaaahhh. Safe. Not Arkansas?
5. Wrasalin's fake. Sooo, Luchadores don't exist and they're not real? Guess who goes to the fights? AMA the ambulance drivers and often the fire department. Not Arkansas?
6. We're vegetarians. lolz0rrzz Translated: Southern California / So. States term accent added for and extreme of LOL (laughing out loud.) Even funnier than LOL. 4-H and FFA here. We eat what we raise. Do not eat horses or donkeys.
7. Do you think my hair is too big? Kiely would you rat my hair up higher? It's flat. All my girls have the hair of 5 women. Question posed to me today? Did you comb your hair with a firecracker? You look like a prairie chicken. Yes, I do. Do you know ANYONE that has had a perm lately? Me.
8. Who's Richard Petty? Oh come on....this house is NASCAR. It's not a Non-athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. No, Are necks are tan. We sponsored a car out at Saugus Raceway. Who here in this place of Santa Paula loves fast cars and Monster Trucks? Arkansas? Reunion time at the races. Our town rocks the raceways.
9. Deer heads detract from the decor. I have horns everywhere. In my house, in the barn, on the wagon wheels, the deers are the decor.
10. Spitting is such a nasty habit. Okay, I agree, but when a spider, ant, gnat, any fly, yellow-jacket, dirt from any pen with crap in it. Well, excuse I pretend it didn't happen and go look for a napkin or actually throw-up?
11. I just couldn't find a thing at Walmart? Wrong, we never, ever leave that store empty handed. And....we drive almost 40 miles to get there. Definitely, not Arkansas where there's a Walmart at every intersection. It really ticks me off that Walmart doesn't sell cowboy hats and "mossy oak" anything out here and they let Arkansas have half their store dedicated to it. Actually, that makes me so mad I could spit. No, I'm writing them, really!
12. Trim the fat off that steak. What????? How much money did we waste on corn for all those steers? "Don't walk the steer--it won't get finish." (FAT) That is just backward talk.
13. The tires on that truck are too big. When I wrote that--I didn't see it first. I choked, I think I inhaled a gnat. The universe runs on lifted trucks. Not Arkansas?
14. Would you like some Aqua Fina while you watch the Super Bowl? Granted we don't drink alcohol. What a waste of money and who says plastic is safe for water? We drink soda in a can and I like it.
15. Little Debbies snack cakes have too many fat grams? Who in the world would look at the fat grams of a Little Debbies? It's like Fried Twinkies. Duhr.
16. She's too old to be wearing that bikini? I was really tired of the naked people in the hot-tub next to the beach house. Dang. They couldn't even afford bathing suits and they just needed to wear full-on clothes. Fur' ners. Not Arkansas, at least they wear suits.
17. Those shorts ought to be a little longer, Darla. Pa....llleeeesseeee, pull up those pants. They need to be shorter guys. I hate seeing the crotch of the pants at the knees. 10 sizes tooooo big! BTW. Very short anything is almost expected attire for girls at our high school. Short shorts and shorter skirts.'s okay with the high school. Not me or my family! Not Arkansas?
18. Elvis who? Southern California, Hollywood, Las Vegas close-by. My grandson that's almost 2, knows Elvis personally. Blue Hawaii is in our DVD player right now.
19. Do you think this ball cap goes with this shirt? If it says "old men rule" my husband wears it. If it says, "John Deere" my daughter wears it, and if it is a feed store or feed advertisement, I wear it. Especially with my "BIG HAIR"
20. It isn't proper to take your pets to the store. Tell Paris. Granted it's not a raccoon usually, or a opossum, but giant lizards, snakes, and a lady in Lowe's had a pygmy goat on a leash. Southern California, not Arkansas.
21. I remembered the last one....Razorbacks, Aren't Those Little Piggys? Let them have it, Mike! Uh...our new American jet fighters are named after those dear little piggys. And they can't kill you, neither. (either) ha ha ha

Arkansas vs. California, We Might Even End - up Paying The Same Taxes., Who's Better? Well

Monday, January 19, 2009

So Much Is Going On, How Do I Post To My Blog...

I Need To Remember, Journaling or Blogging, Time is passing


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ABCs Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple Revealed

Please pause my music and listen to this broadcast from ABC News about the Church. I've been to the Temple many times and have had the most special experiences I've ever had in my life. Steve and I looked through those mirrors when we were married. I was only a member 1 year before I was able to attend and be married. Nothing there was unfamiliar or even different than I expected. I have a firm testimony that the Temple is the House of The Lord. I love the Chapel Sessions, The Jubilee Celebration, Baptism for the dead, all the other sessions, including the Sealing of our Marriage and Family for Time and Eternity. I can wear white and go to the Celestial Room and feel like a new bride each time or greet my family and friends there. Peaceful Meditation of the Savior, Inspiration for ourselves and our family,and Great Blessings of Answered Prayers are there for members who want to receive them there. I'm very blessed and grateful for the chance for me to go to the Temple and be blessed every time I attend. The theme of the Temple, I truly believe, is having JOY and LOVE of our family forever.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple, LDS, Mormon

Jessica Loepp Are You There? West, East Prussia, Germany

David and Minna Loepp Green Book, Germany. Poland

I know this is a random post, but feel it's very important to get back to dear relative that left me a message months ago.

Jessica, I couldn't find your comment--I thought I was allowing anyone to leave a comment and because you messaged me after 14 days. I suppose that comment was on hold. I'm so sorry I'm getting back to you so late. Jessica, your blog is closed and I don't know how to contact you.

David Loepp's Green Book. I don't have any extra copies and as a matter-of-fact, my mother didn't even buy one, but all her siblings did. I was sorry she didn't because my name is even in it. She regrets it now, but did inherit her father's copy. He was no relation to David Leopp except that was my Grandmother O'Connor's, (his wife) grandparents, so he kept it. David and Minna were my mother's great grandparents and she did meet her grandmother, Minna.

My grandfather passed away and my mother went up to help my step-grandmother. She had already thrown the book away and my mom took it out of the trash and gave it to me when she returned home. I was thrilled, because the only copy I had at that point was one that I had copied on an old copy machine ages ago. I have the book in my hand and it's more precious than any inheritance of money that I could ever think of receiving.

Now, to get a book to you. I'm going to figure this out, I promise. I know how I feel about having it and it should be copied. There are soooo many of us--so many that don't have our family history and this branch is amazing. They were so brave, and lived though percecution that we can't even fathom. Please know that I'm going to get help with this and see if I can't get permission from the Englehorns to re-publish it. I may even--- word for word, have to write the whole thing out on web pages if I have to. By the way...I'm a terrible speller. Just fix the mistakes and let me know, if I decide to do that. Please write me back asap at:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orpha Lazenby. I Couldn't WAIT to Blog This! This is a FUNNY NAME.

No Bree, this post it's not about my dream of the leather pig with shamrocks and flowers on it's rear. But just as fun. Random name thoughts. Now I'm so ticked-off at Marnie! I couldn't find her baby pictures to tell this story--she took them home. She so....deserves this. Usually I don't share the past of my dear daughters and son, but this is Marnie.

Okay... Bree and I were discussing Annie's Blog and her Sister's blog. She said she entered a name, to name --a nameless Cabbage Patch Doll. I couldn't help think that my children all have names that are a bit Larin Luree Lazenby. My Leprechaun Grandpa O'Connor loved it. It reminded him of "The Rose of Tralee," his favorite song.

Larin's husband Dave, made it a answering machine song. Larin Luree Lazenby is not at home for you and me... so leave a message after the tone... Gooooood-byyyyyeee! This was in Opera-Style and knowing shy Dave, everyone thought they dialed the wrong number... especially since Larin's married name is Knapp. We used to dial her number in Arizona just to hear Dave sing. But this blog isn't about Larin right now.

My second daughter's name is Marnie Dune. My husband's mother is named Dune and Marnie looks just like her. People thought that Marnie was my mother-in-law's daughter. True. No, this isn't about Grandma Dune, either.

The EXCITING DAY came when Marnie and my older children were going to meet Big Grandma for the first time. She was from Utah and also raised in Vernal. That might tell you a bit about her accent. It's harses--(horses), Farks--(Forks), and carn--(corn). Great-Grandma or Big Grandma, who was not big at all, was named Orpha Lazenby. She is my husband's grandmother and we carry the same Lazenby name. We explained we had to pronounce it right, "Grandma OURFA." We didn't like the "big grandma" that she was called in Utah and that really wouldn't make sense to my kids because she was skinny.

Back in 1979 or 1980 we didn't use seat belts & we were just a few miles from Steve's parent's house. Our children were soooo excited and actually leaning over the front seat asking questions and it was like... so important because this was going to be the last time we would ever see her according to her prognosis on her own health. She actually lived way long 100+ years of age. She was far from leaving us.

We had to prepare our children to meet her and not make fun of her name. Steve said, "I don't want you to make fun of Big Grandma's name." " you understand, kids?" "Be polite to Grandma and be sure and hug her and tell you you love her." Marnie got a real puzzled look on her face. She started poking us. Grandma's not a different name.... Her dad said, "Her name is Ourfha," and he said it just like he was raised in Vernal. Marnie thought for a minute, and said not even flinching a bit in her little gruff voice, "What's her other name?" She wanted a last name! We said, "It's Lazenby, Ourfha Lazenby." Marnie started laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Literally the child was rolling on the car floor, saying "LAZENBY" over and over and then would start laughing so hard all over again to the point of almost turning blue. Marnie was laughing so hard that she was stiff. Marnie honestly thought "Lazenby" was soooo funny! And, she wouldn't even try... and listen to us and explain that was our name, too.

By the time we got to Steve's parents house... Marnie had the hiccups and couldn't even talk. I don't know when she finally figured-out Lazenby, was her last name. But she said while we were there,"We have a funny name huh, Grandma?" That was one of Grandma Orpha's favorite stories of all time. We did tell Steve's Grandma Orpha, that Marnie thought "Lazenby" was the funny name! That story was also my father-in-law's favorite story! Good Grief, Jenkins, better? Are you... Jinked?

Yes, you are.... because until you bring back the baby pictures of yourself, that you took home, I'm going to put every story I can think of on this blog. At least let me scan the baby pictures. How did you get in my trunk? If you say, "Okay" I won't tell how you put your glasses out for the street sweeper & in the gutter. Or the time when you had pigtails and this old Swiss guy thought those where your ears and you were a dog? Want me to go on.....?

I love you Marnie--please don't pay me back.
Laughing Hysterically At Your Own surname

Saturday, January 3, 2009

O'Connor Randsburg Hill, Oh They Were Very Steep and Soft . FJ Cruiser's ROCK But They Don't ROLL !

Steve forgot to hit to "Go Up The Hill Button" the first time! It was soooo fun! I love California Pin-stripping and exploring.

The Sand Dunes Behind the House We Loved Them

I Have To Admit I Love The Desert, Memories Of Being A Little Girl

The BLM.. Located in Ridgecrest. The horses
were beautiful and the burros so cute! I fell in love with three of them. Steve please let me put them in the back of the FJ.


Beautiful scene from atop the O'Connor Family dunes. My playground at gramma's and granpa's. This dune was really, really steep! The view was more wonderful than I ever remember. It was always a challenge to get up the dune, as kids. It has very soft sand and my grandfather even built a ladder into the dune, so all the kids could see the flat top and the beautiful desert.

This road sign below, really cracked me up like....I'd actually feed a coyote!

This is the barn Steve wants as a garage. It's a
PreFab and easy to put up supposedly without
a bunch of permits. They don't realize we
live in a different kind of city

I'm in deep snow and the whole experience was hilarious. I suppose, I didn't wear the right shoes.

I will never forget this trip. Very fun and again trying to mend my heart by meeting at our own desert site for camping near Jo-burg and Randsburg. Makes me feel completely different about my family that has gone before. I remembered that Uncle Frankie sat on a scorpion (sorry, Frankie) I just heard about it, I did not witness it. I loved the way Gramma Commer's dish soap smelled; it was such a wonderful clean smell. She also made the very best bread and "eggie" pancakes and regular pancakes and ohmygosh... Grammpa Commers's machine shop was an adventure. I think I'm going to collect rocks. lol Rock 'n' Oaks Ranch needs more rocks, right?

Scotty's Castle out in Death Valley.

Death Valley, Dirt and California Pinstripping, Randsburg

Friday, January 2, 2009

Seek and Ye Shall Find. No Need To Knock...

Why am I smiling? I turned the camera on myself because I thought in my pea-size brain my house condition is hilarious. It is a "Seek and Find" game and this happened last Sunday. Sorry for the delay...I ate wild lizards, no it was 72 hour pack wafers that I thought were wild lizards. That's the next post. Back to the game and see how many you get right. By the way, the first couple are easy.