Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey, Hey Baby ... Watson's, I Have Songs For You

Yes, I know it's basketball season, but I'm just pumped for the super bowl on the flat-screen.

I think the Elders are coming... Just Kidding! They're not, but they've been here every single day this week. They look tired 'cuz it's a long way up Ojai Road!

Miss you guys and love you! Thank you Bree for always, always commenting on my blog -- you are always the first. Mom

Arkansas Razorbacks, I Love Hawgs, Super Bowl
***During the Superbowl~~I had the Razorback Marching Band music from The University of Arkansas Band is great and located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I love the "Hey... Baby," "The William Tell Overture," and their "Fight Song" All excellent and "SSSUUUUUUUiiiiiiEEEEE!!" If you have a spare moment t0 listen to football stuff-- It's the best! We are Razorback fans because our daughter lives in Arkansas and the football team there is completely so addicting. I even have a "hawg" on the back my FJ!

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Breeda said...

Ha...I love it! Someday Chip and I are going to be there with Bubba Hog doin' the HOG CALL!

Thanks Mom!