Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orpha Lazenby. I Couldn't WAIT to Blog This! This is a FUNNY NAME.

No Bree, this post it's not about my dream of the leather pig with shamrocks and flowers on it's rear. But just as fun. Random name thoughts. Now I'm so ticked-off at Marnie! I couldn't find her baby pictures to tell this story--she took them home. She so....deserves this. Usually I don't share the past of my dear daughters and son, but this is Marnie.

Okay... Bree and I were discussing Annie's Blog and her Sister's blog. She said she entered a name, to name --a nameless Cabbage Patch Doll. I couldn't help think that my children all have names that are a bit Larin Luree Lazenby. My Leprechaun Grandpa O'Connor loved it. It reminded him of "The Rose of Tralee," his favorite song.

Larin's husband Dave, made it a answering machine song. Larin Luree Lazenby is not at home for you and me... so leave a message after the tone... Gooooood-byyyyyeee! This was in Opera-Style and knowing shy Dave, everyone thought they dialed the wrong number... especially since Larin's married name is Knapp. We used to dial her number in Arizona just to hear Dave sing. But this blog isn't about Larin right now.

My second daughter's name is Marnie Dune. My husband's mother is named Dune and Marnie looks just like her. People thought that Marnie was my mother-in-law's daughter. True. No, this isn't about Grandma Dune, either.

The EXCITING DAY came when Marnie and my older children were going to meet Big Grandma for the first time. She was from Utah and also raised in Vernal. That might tell you a bit about her accent. It's harses--(horses), Farks--(Forks), and carn--(corn). Great-Grandma or Big Grandma, who was not big at all, was named Orpha Lazenby. She is my husband's grandmother and we carry the same Lazenby name. We explained we had to pronounce it right, "Grandma OURFA." We didn't like the "big grandma" that she was called in Utah and that really wouldn't make sense to my kids because she was skinny.

Back in 1979 or 1980 we didn't use seat belts & we were just a few miles from Steve's parent's house. Our children were soooo excited and actually leaning over the front seat asking questions and it was like... so important because this was going to be the last time we would ever see her according to her prognosis on her own health. She actually lived way long 100+ years of age. She was far from leaving us.

We had to prepare our children to meet her and not make fun of her name. Steve said, "I don't want you to make fun of Big Grandma's name." " you understand, kids?" "Be polite to Grandma and be sure and hug her and tell you you love her." Marnie got a real puzzled look on her face. She started poking us. Grandma's not a different name.... Her dad said, "Her name is Ourfha," and he said it just like he was raised in Vernal. Marnie thought for a minute, and said not even flinching a bit in her little gruff voice, "What's her other name?" She wanted a last name! We said, "It's Lazenby, Ourfha Lazenby." Marnie started laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Literally the child was rolling on the car floor, saying "LAZENBY" over and over and then would start laughing so hard all over again to the point of almost turning blue. Marnie was laughing so hard that she was stiff. Marnie honestly thought "Lazenby" was soooo funny! And, she wouldn't even try... and listen to us and explain that was our name, too.

By the time we got to Steve's parents house... Marnie had the hiccups and couldn't even talk. I don't know when she finally figured-out Lazenby, was her last name. But she said while we were there,"We have a funny name huh, Grandma?" That was one of Grandma Orpha's favorite stories of all time. We did tell Steve's Grandma Orpha, that Marnie thought "Lazenby" was the funny name! That story was also my father-in-law's favorite story! Good Grief, Jenkins, better? Are you... Jinked?

Yes, you are.... because until you bring back the baby pictures of yourself, that you took home, I'm going to put every story I can think of on this blog. At least let me scan the baby pictures. How did you get in my trunk? If you say, "Okay" I won't tell how you put your glasses out for the street sweeper & in the gutter. Or the time when you had pigtails and this old Swiss guy thought those where your ears and you were a dog? Want me to go on.....?

I love you Marnie--please don't pay me back.
Laughing Hysterically At Your Own surname


Breeda said...

Hee Hee! I love it! Thanks for the FUN story. I love you Mother!

The Knappy Crew said...

So funny mom. Thanks for the story and the pictures!!!

Sisters Produce said...

Thanks a lot. Remember pay back is always WORSE. Just wait. I will "neek" up on you and get you back!!!!
~~~~~~ Marnie