Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Have To Admit I Love The Desert, Memories Of Being A Little Girl

The BLM.. Located in Ridgecrest. The horses
were beautiful and the burros so cute! I fell in love with three of them. Steve please let me put them in the back of the FJ.


Beautiful scene from atop the O'Connor Family dunes. My playground at gramma's and granpa's. This dune was really, really steep! The view was more wonderful than I ever remember. It was always a challenge to get up the dune, as kids. It has very soft sand and my grandfather even built a ladder into the dune, so all the kids could see the flat top and the beautiful desert.

This road sign below, really cracked me up like....I'd actually feed a coyote!

This is the barn Steve wants as a garage. It's a
PreFab and easy to put up supposedly without
a bunch of permits. They don't realize we
live in a different kind of city

I'm in deep snow and the whole experience was hilarious. I suppose, I didn't wear the right shoes.

I will never forget this trip. Very fun and again trying to mend my heart by meeting at our own desert site for camping near Jo-burg and Randsburg. Makes me feel completely different about my family that has gone before. I remembered that Uncle Frankie sat on a scorpion (sorry, Frankie) I just heard about it, I did not witness it. I loved the way Gramma Commer's dish soap smelled; it was such a wonderful clean smell. She also made the very best bread and "eggie" pancakes and regular pancakes and ohmygosh... Grammpa Commers's machine shop was an adventure. I think I'm going to collect rocks. lol Rock 'n' Oaks Ranch needs more rocks, right?

Scotty's Castle out in Death Valley.

Death Valley, Dirt and California Pinstripping, Randsburg

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

those are some long haired donkeys! are you laying in snow????? it looks like the weather was great. pictures are AWESOME! i love the ones with your fj on the top of the mountain.