Monday, January 19, 2009

So Much Is Going On, How Do I Post To My Blog...

I Need To Remember, Journaling or Blogging, Time is passing


Yes, that is exactly what's happening. My head is spinning. I have to write down just like I'm addicted to my journal about what's been going on around me. I don't want to forget and I want to document the events that are happening in our family and friends now. I need the chance to come back and remember when all this came about. I need a place to go and to come back. Remember the Kindness.

My dear friend Jeanie, was selected to the City of Hope for her cancer. It's just the best hospital. Jeanie was traumatized by the painful procedure with no painkiller makes us all hurt for her. A large party was held at The Church of Christ in her honor. Many of her friends were there. Everyone loves her so much and it was so wonderful to be able to sign her "support umbrella."

I went to Stake Conference with my husband at the adult eve. session Saturday night. He was already there for a leadership meeting and just as he got out, we bolted to the grocery store for bright pink cookies for Jeanie's party in Fillmore on Sunday. It was a "Operation Celebration." Steve and I had assignments for Sunday Stake Conference, so my other daughters that live close went to Fillmore to The Church of Christ service. Probably very different for them going to another church, they have never gone to another church, that I know of. Gosh, I don't even think to a wedding at another church. People here have outside weddings, like at the beach. We've talked about Jeanie so much about today I forgot to ask them, "How was church?"

The dinner/potluck at the church wasn't over when we got to Jeanie's church after Stake Conference. I dropped my husband at the door, he knows most of the people in Fillmore. Of course, my girls sat with all of Jeanie's nieces. I had all of them in my 4-H projects and they all feel related through Jeanie. As I came in and past them I said, it's a table of cousins. My children have always called Jeanie, Aunt Jeanie.

Jeanie's church friends were there as well as so many friends that sing with her at Karaoke. Then, it was a reunion time of our classmates from Santa Paula and Fillmore. The party was truly lovely. I was able to give her a long pink t-shirt, thanks to Annie Valentine who generously donated it to Jeanie. I follow Annie's blog, because she's so entertaining and fun and...funny! Annie has another side, she is the most thoughtful and sweet person. I'm overwhelmed by her gift, when so much is going on in her life. We all can't dodge the trials and challenges that come to us. And she has filled her quota. Annie's mother is also dealing with breast cancer. Annie is losing herself in service to others, absolute strangers. The most amazing thing is that she did exactly what President James Dunn of the Seventy talked to us about in his talk to us on Sunday morning. I'm so grateful for Annie, she is precious.

I saw my visiting teacher there at conference and that was no coincidence. Gloria offered to go to the party for Jeanie all on her own. She had just beaten her breast cancer and wanted to help. She used to LIVE in Fillmore and had gone to the Church of Christ there in Fillmore before she was converted. I knew she was from Fillmore, but a member of Jeanie's church?!? Of course, she knew everyone, she actually doesn't know a stranger---she's one of those that has friends instantly. She was the most important person there and Jeanie was able to know someone that actually just went through the whole thing. Gloria, my VT was glad to come to the party. She too, is giving, thoughtful, and amazing. She is my example. Her dear husband is sick, she just recovered from an accident at work when again she had the challenge of beating breast cancer. And...right in the center of all this, her mother past-away. How could she endure such hardship? I feel so blessed to have her as my Visiting Teacher and the love we have for each other. She didn't need to come, I know she must have been tired and she waited and waited to be able to talk to Jeanie. How does she do it?

The Elders came to our house today to email their families. I wrote in some of the Elders letters. Not hard to say good about them. The Elders assigned here and that labor here in Santa Paula are so devoted to missionary work. Their enthusiasm makes me more excited about missionary work--I guess it just rubs off on us. I'm thankful for the Elders sharing that Spirit with our family.

I didn't go to Walmart today. This was our shopping day, mostly though, its my husband's day off and our date day. He didn't have the day off because of the holiday, it's the end of his four-day. Unfortunately he ended-up working most of it already. Fires that start at 8am keep him over, especially brush fires. This weather is prime for fires. There's now East-Wind, clear, and unusually hot. I am ready for rain and my husband needs a rest and I need to see him! Sooo much is passing us by.

Still, I'm grateful and appreciate all that is so good, even under such scary circumstances, I feel my testimony has been strengthened by sisters who truly follow the Saviors example and the great Stake Conference that cemented in me the inspired messages shared.


Breeda said...

Awesome post mom! I love you and call you later today.


jenkinsfamliypost said...

I have visited several other churches before. Jeanie's was very nice. I enjoyed all the music. He party was amazing. She is truly a wonderful friend and a special lady.